Sleep Deprivation


Being Tired Can Damage Your Life You may know my solution for going to sleep easily and making it useful! For a refresher click this MMN here. A few days ago I heard an ABC AM report which spoke about Sleep Deprivation and all the ways one’s life can be damaged. This sparked my interest and I went to this link to read more about the topic.

 Below is a short excerpt from the article

“Melinda Jackson, a senior research fellow at RMIT University's Health Sciences school, has investigated sleep's effect on the body.

She said despite a commonly held belief that people could easily catch up on a string of late nights by having a long sleep on weekends, it may actually be much harder to regain normal functioning once we have become sleep deprived.

'Fantastic data has just come out, laboratory data, that has shown that after a week of sleep restriction it might actually take five nights of 12 hours' time in bed for someone's performance to come back to their baseline level,’ Dr Jackson said.”

Links to Health Issues

In the article there is a list of proven links to performance and health that Sleep Deprivation will effect being:

1. Road Trauma
2. Alzheimer’s Disease
3. Cancer
4. Anxiety and Depression
5. Obesity
6. Academic Results

Children’s Sleep Issues Addressed

I am thrilled that Kay and Emily Botje have investigated, trialled, and produced a book and CD addressing children’s sleep.  Mothers (and fathers less often) spend countless hours, using all sorts of methods, cajoling their young children off to sleep. In 1996 Kay came to my 2-Day seminar in Perth in Western Australia. Kay put the techniques to work for herself. At the time her young daughter, Emily was having a sleep problem. We chatted and then Kay used the techniques for her Emily. Not once or twice but for years. The techniques, using meditation with guided imagery, were refined by Kay and she told others about them. 18 years later Kay and Emily have put all their refined techniques into a book and CD so that they are available to the world in this vexed area of “getting young children off to sleep”.

Congratulations Kay and Emily, you’re onto a winner and you can help many anxious parents. Please have a look at their website and tell others about it. When you buy the book and CD listen to the instructions first.

“About Clouds Dreamingthe story”

“Your child’s imagination is their most important ability. Through this story Clouds Dreaming__Preview we aim to use their imagination as a way to aid relaxation and send your child into a peaceful sleep. Further, we have designed the story in a way that improves your child’s emotional state and confidence.

Inspired by Sandy MacGregor of CALM and his meditations, Clouds Dreaming was adapted by Kay in her desire to create a get-to-sleep meditation which was more accessible to her children. What started as a simple bedtime meditation has now evolved into a story which endeavours to create a positive emotional state for the children who use it.

There are several parts to the meditation, each of which play a role in your child’s relaxation. This meditative process includes breathing and yawning, the colours of the rainbow, brainwave states and music. Each aspect has been carefully designed to ensure an easy, peaceful sleep for your child.” Taken from the website.

So John, if you or your friends have a sleep issue then if the person is young go to this link and if 12 years old or above go to this link. Whatever the case – do something about it before it has a chance to damage your life.

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