Enhance Creativity


Learn how to improve human nature's most precious gifts - creativity. Understand the process of how we can deliberately develop creativity by utilising specific Mind/Body exercises.

Our ability to imagine and to create is one of human nature's most precious gifts. It is the means by which the ugly is made beautiful, the impossible made possible.

It is the very reason Mankind has achieved the material success that he has. In my opinion, to be experiencing and expressing your own ability to create is to truly start feeling and fulfilling your purpose in this world. Many of us believe we are not creative, or are not using our creativity, and I know that it's easy to use more - I've proved it!

How Can We Deliberately Develop Creativity?

ThetaMost people use the creative ability intuitively or unconsciously. However, they may find that the inspiration can come (at 3am in the morning!), or go (writer's block) with what can be regarded as having a slim chance of returning. A recent major scientific discovery shows that the creative state occurs in a particular brain wave state called Theta. This brain wave state can be deliberately or consciously trained, and developed. Your left, analytical brain gets "out of the way" and your right, creative brain takes over in this state.

In the Life Skills Seminar we enhance creativity by teaching and practising the following skills:

The ability to consciously relax any time, anywhere A complete scientific explanation of how the brain works The ability to develop focused concentration The ability to develop specific Mind/Body exercises for developing creativity Proof that you are able to perform these skills through the use of Bio-Feedback equipment.


You May Ask "How Effective Are These Techniques for enhancing creativity?"

How about I let some of my seminar participants explain to you how they developed their creativity?

Martin HendersonI was introduced to Sandy's work 2 years ago when a friend gave me a copy of Piece of Mind. When I read it I was naturally impressed with the ideas and techniques of being able to improve your ability to focus and deliberately control your subconscious mind. Since your subconscious mind is both the store house and controller of your personality, self esteem, self image, self confidence, habits and memory, understanding the process by which it works is very important. Not just as a method of improving your ability to act (character absorption) but also yourself as a person. I was grateful to have the opportunity to complete Sandy's Life Skills Seminar (the workshop based upon the book) and highly recommend it to anyone seriously concerned about developing effective techniques for improving their acting ability and their personal life.

Martin Henderson, NSW

Sandy's Note: You may recognize Martin from his various TV acting roles these being Shortland Street (NZ) Echo Point, Sweat and Big Sky. Martin did my course as part of a process he is taking to relearn his acting craft and is current studying in New York. I would like to wish him every success for his future and look forward to one day seeing him on the "big screen".


Jay BeckleyDuring a recent CALM Life Skills Seminar in Melbourne (Creative Accelerated Learning Methods), conducted by Sandy MacGregor, Sandy showed us how to tap into our creative selves through a very specific meditation routine guided by him. We had already learned how to build and access our "Peaceful Place", the Peaceful Place we create in our subconscious, and from there we went deeper into the dreamlike state - the Theta state. Wow! Suddenly the room, the sounds, the people around me disappeared and I was alone, seeing only a part of a novel in progress that I was seriously having trouble with.

That part of the plot was all spread out beneath me. My hero and heroine became alive, they "told" me what they wanted to do, how they wanted their story written. I sat up and started writing, without much conscious awareness of what I was doing. My hand found my paper and pen and I mapped a mind chart of the "goings-on" of my hero and heroine. I could feel that it was right. I was writing without stress.

As I reached the end of what my subconscious was telling me, I found the seminar still going on around me, people were doing other things and I was scribbling away, with Sandy trying to attract my attention and Victor, our "music-maestro", looking at me strangely. Well, I had been somewhere, and found something. Now I know what that was. It was the power of subconscious thought and it works! Now when I sit down to write, it is a joy and so very soothing. I won't say it's easy, writing is a learned skill, but what I want to write about is in my subconscious mind, just waiting for me to find it. The world around me goes away. I don't hear anything or feel any stress. Distractions fade away and I am alone in a very private world, a world of stories and poems, sometimes some forgotten French verbs! Yes, it is all there waiting to be used. All I have to say to myself is: "Hi, let's do it!" - and we, my inner spirit and I, do it. Learning to use the subconscious mind, the inner spirit we all have, becomes easier with practise, and I can most sincerely recommend this method to all.

Jay Beckley, VIC


Gibson Owen In 1992 I attended a two-day workshop with Sandy MacGregor, seeking out an increment in my level of self-awareness. At Sandy's workshop I was encouraged to identify some goals and through Sandy established a method by which I could achieve those goals. My two goals were, one to become established in my artistic style and thereafter proceed to a one-man art exhibition; and two to construct a 25 foot steam launch. Within a matter of months my artistic style was found to be established and on approaching Sydney's leading contemporary art gallery, I had a one-man exhibition appointed for the ensuing year. I eventually proceeded to my third one-man exhibition, which was held in January 1996 at the Holdsworth Gallery in Sydney. The matter of the steam launch presented some most serious difficulties, which included finding the unique timber necessary for the hull, without demolishing a further forest to find an appropriate steam engine, boiler and thereafter ship-right. All of these demands promptly fell into place and I have the engine and boiler in hand and the boat should be completed in 12 months. Sandy did not raise one finger to assist me in any of these projects, however he certainly demonstrates how to set goals and to achieve the realisation of those goals.

Gibson Owen, NSW


So What is the Next Action Step that You Can Take to Develop Creativity?

CALM makes suggestions on how you can develop your skills in dealing with Enhancing Creativity using Sandy MacGregor's low cost Tapes, Books, CDs, Videos and Seminars which have been utilised by thousands of people successfully since 1990.


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