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Overcome Fear
Are you looking to overcoming your fear of public speaking, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of driving or fear of failure? Learn how to overcome your fears by understanding the process of fears forming in your mind and techniques to beat your fear.
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Overcoming Fear
Fears are debilitating. The sight of men and women breaking into a cold sweat when faced with the prospect of getting into a lift is not easily understood. 'Come on, you'll be OK.' 'No I can't. I'll be crushed. The lift will fall.' The lift continues on, servicing people, without anyone getting hurt and yet the sufferer of the fear is convinced that they are doomed. For them, the mere thought of being faced with traveling in a lift brings about the reality of experiencing the physical feelings of shortness of breath, feeling hot and sweating. Why? Because fears are tricks of the mind. FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real.
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Resilience Can Apply To Anyone
Background In March 2009 I visited 3 Combat Engineer Regiment (3 CER) to talk about mental toughness or in other words Resilience. The soldiers had endured hardships of lack of food, little sleep, strenuous exercise and were wet and uncomfortable over the 5 day exercise. The Commanding Officer, Lt Col Hoskin was aware of my personal experiences of using my mental powers to assist me in overcoming tragedy and my current public work with the subconscious mind – CALM Pty Ltd (at ).

I get VERY nervous when speaking to a group of people. I am attending Toastmasters which I love - however I realise that my problem is nerves in front of people I know - I could address a
large crowd of strangers with no trouble at all - but even a small group of people I know makes me physically shake so much I cannot hold a pen - and my heart beat so hard I can hardly breathe. I am WORSE after several months at Toastmasters - at first I loved it but now I have got to know them all and am more anxious to perform well my nerves are worse!! I am naturally very outgoing - have no trouble talking to anyone and happy to go up to strangers at parties and chat etc - so what's wrong with me? I guess I am just so concerned about performing well in front of people who matter to me that it causes the problem. I tell myself to "get a grip" and I know they will think better of me and enjoy my talks more if I am NOT nervous - but It seems to be an automatic physical reaction that I cannot control mentally. I would love to buy one or several of your tapes that might help me - could you please recommend which one/ones you think most appropriate? Many many thanks.

Thank you for sharing with me your feelings about "public speaking" to small well-known groups - believe me, this is very common - you are certainly not alone.

I would certainly encourage you to continue with Toastmasters - they are a fine organisation and with more and more exposure, practice and facing this issue - you will eventually come through. Do you practise going to your "Peaceful Place" and doing visualisation? If so, then in your visualisation just picture yourself having really delivered a great talk and being congratulated for it. Creating a Mind Chart about what you will talk about is a good idea too - the pictures will stick in your mind and you'll easily be able to recall them when giving your speech.

My tape / CD PP15 - Overcoming Fear may be helpful to you (you can check it out on my website) and I have a paper on my site about handling fear which you may like to read.

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