CALM Seminar Information

Sandy has retired from conducting Seminars after sharing the CALM techniques with over 30,000 attendees
All the seminar information below is available as downloads, or books, or CDs or DVDs via the CALM Online Store

Life Skills Seminar

What Is It Worth To You To Accomplish Your Goal? Learn to relax in less than 30 secs

2 days

This seminar teaches powerful methods and the skills to face challenges in many areas of your life. Learn to overcome your challenge - anger, anxiety, improving confidence, relaxation, enhancing creativity, impriving motivation, overcoming fear and improving relationships.

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Student Seminars

Increase your ability to learn using the subconscious mind

1 day

Increase your ability to learn using the subconscious mind. Based on the internationally acclaimed book Students Steps To Success for children age 14 to 18.

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Active Meditation Seminar

Learn how to Actively Meditate

3 hours

Tap into your inner strength and use the power of all your mind, with powerful and deliberate techniques of Active Meditation.

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Creating Happiness Intentionally (CHI) Seminar

Chi Seminars - Learning to bring about true Balance and Harmony in your life

4/5 days live-in

Using the powerful CALM mind techniques discover the main purpose of your life, decide on goals and values that drive you, truly support those goals. This knowledge is a potent force that will lead you towards the life you desire. Take part in this meditation retreat.

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Corporate Seminars

The main work of CALM is to empower people to reach their optimum potential and to increase their productivity

1, 2, or 5 days
This seminar has been discontinued

Independent Credentialed CALM Coach (ICCC)

Making a difference in the lives of others is the essential premise of being an ICCC

5 days - Live in
This seminar has been discontinued