Piece of Mind - book foreword


Is there any new information under the sun? The human race places its own limitations on belief - we want everything to be proven to us scientifically. Recently (in the last 30 years) an enormous amount of research has been accomplished in the field of learning and particularly the brain, which researchers, scientists and psychologists have been able to label with new words - the "new" discoveries.

This makes it more acceptable to us. Has accelerated learning, (ie. the ability to achieve faster, both academically and gain life skills) using relaxation and the power of the subconscious mind, always been with man? The answer is YES. Many great artists, scientists and inventors have used it, but it was not labelled "accelerated learning". All of us have used it - especially between the ages of 0 to 5. (Scientists now tell us this, so we have come to accept it).

This book is about how to use the subconscious mind to our own advantage. The subconscious mind is 88% power of our mind. It is a storehouse for memory - all memory -including habits. You use this mind effectively only in the relaxed state; the language of the subconscious mind is emotion. So what does this book do differently? It teaches how to relax in 30 seconds and how to use emotion; the two most important tools towards achieving accelerated Learning - not only academic learning, but life skills learning (increasing confidence, releasing weight, enhancing artistic abilities, releasing stress, increasing sales, sleeping easily, etc, etc). We have all heard of mind power courses - this book uses plain language to "take the mystery out of mind power", making it available to all those who seek it. We all use mind power - but we can use it more and it's our right to know about it!

In presenting the information, I have used three major resources: the first - myself and my experiences. References for scientific research can be found in Colin Rose's book Accelerated Learning - basically it summarises the research available in this field. My third major resource is my association with Steven Snyder - his clear, explicit language and lucid explanations are really worth emulating.

I am motivated by my belief in these methods, this "mind power", which has been of such tremendous benefit to me. I would like to share this with as many people as possible. I conduct my seminars, and I love doing that, however I know that with this book I will reach an even wider audience, and that would please me greatly. So who is this book for? We are all at different phases or stages in our lives. This book can be for taking control of our individual power, it can be the start of charting a new direction, it can be for parents wishing to impart skills to their children, it can be for those who wish to relax and release stress, it can be for those who wish to change or reinforce a habit or to increase self confidence and self esteem, it can be for those who wish to learn faster with no stress involved, it can be for those who wish to know about the skills of academic learning, it can be for those taking the first step to meditation, it can be for busy professional people to make more time in their lives, it can be for corporations applying the skills to increase sales, for motivation, etc. Have I missed anyone? I hope not.


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