Student Steps To Success - book foreword


It is a privilege and an honour to be asked to write this Foreword. Sandy MacGregor is a very special person, as you will see when you begin to use this book. For many, adolescence has always been a difficult time, a period of tensions between dependence and independence, between being an adult and an adolescent. Today's world is increasingly challenging and complex.

 Economic and political conditions mean less jobs. Many young people are finding that much of what is taught at school seems meaningless and irrelevant to their lives. Often, messages from school, home, the media and the peer group are negative ones - messages of not being good enough. In this sort of world it is easy to think that 'escapes' such as alcohol, drugs and even suicide are solutions. But there are ways of thinking and being in today's world that enable you to not only cope with the stresses of living but allow life to be a celebration. This book presents easy techniques to help you feel positive, set important goals and achieve them. It is the knowledge and techniques to become the success that you deserve to be that are the focus of this book.

The book is written to YOU, the reader. It is written and presented in a style that typifies Sandy himself. Difficult ideas are presented in ways that are easy to understand. The book is full of mind charts and examples. As Jean Houston would say, the presentation 'walks the talk'. Its presentation reflects all of the principles of using the subconscious mind, symbols, pictures, sounds and colour. It is a book to DO - not to read and sit on the sidelines.

The book is about YOU: about who you are, what you value, what you would like to achieve and how to do it. It is a book about you achieving success through taking responsibility for your choices and actions.

The ideas and activities presented are tried and tested. They have been used by Sandy himself and thousands of people who have attended his workshops. They have produced Olympic champions. They have been used successfully by professional sports persons and in business, advertising, the media and in healing for more than twenty years. The same techniques are also coming to be recognised and used in schools and universities. They are techniques that I use in my life every day.

Today there are many tensions caused by moving from an industrial to a post-industrial age society. The emphasis in education in an industrial society was on teaching. In a post-industrial age the emphasis must be on learning. In the past teaching and learning concentrated only on the conscious mind: on 12% only of our brainpower. This book provides the techniques to harness the 88% of our brainpower that is our subconscious mind. Learn and practise these techniques and you will harness the power of your subconscious mind in not only learning, but in all aspects of your life.

Congratulations Sandy on producing the book that has been long awaited by many students. To you the reader, I know you will have a lot of fun using the book. I wish you well in your journey of discovering the power that is you.

David Smith
(BA Hons Phd)
Associate Professor
School of Teaching and Curriculum Studies
Faculty of Education
University of Sydney
June, 1994.

Further Reviews

This book does exactly what its title suggests - leads students through steps to success. I love the format, it is very easy for individuals or groups of students, parents or teachers to use.
Yvomle Collings, Head Teacher
Robert Townson High School


Sandy's Students Steps to Success is a clear and concise guide for students interested in achieving their full potential. His book allows students to develop skills which will help them to access their subconscious mind. I am confident that this book won’t gather dust on the bookshelf as it will be a source of constant reference.
Terence Malone, Principal
Lindfield Primary School


This is a manual for living. If it were used as a basis for learning in our schools, I have no doubt that, not only would levels of attainment rise, but children would be equipped to succeed in dealing with their experiences end challenges in life. Morale end self-esteem of individuals in our society could be such that many of the stresses end tensions which currently exist could be transformed into positive energy forms of peace, harmony and love.
Anne Hooke, Principal
Newtown North Public School


This exciting and highly motivating new work is a "do-it-yourself manual which guides the young learner through easy to follow steps on the path of enhanced confidence, learning and academic success. Ifs a valuable aid to those preparing for the HSC, to those who wish to take greater control over their lives end achievements, or simply to those who would like to feel better about themselves and those around them!
David Cashman, Head Teacher
Marrickville High School


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS! If you want to take control of your life and achieve to your potential, then I suggest you make a friend of this book!
Bruce Wilcock, Accelerated Learning Teacher
Gosford High School


I had thought Accelerated Learning end Speed Reading were dead until I read Sandy MacGregor's book. The book is eminently insightful end practical and has a great propensity for character building. Recommended for navigators in education!
Alex Reichel, Associate Professor
Academy of the Word


This is an important, innovative end imaginative approach to student learning, through influencing states of mind end states of being, end by providing "tricks of the trade".
John Sibly, Environmental Educator
Geographer end Advocate


Recently Senior Lecturer Uni of South Australia Let's hope that this book changes attitudes to learning forever! The inspiration of Sandy combined with his practical approaches to achieving success, will give students possibly the most valued and useful text of their school career.
Janelle Tresidder Principal
Camdem South Public School


Easy to read, with useful exercises end summaries, this book will be of immense value to students and teachers. I will certainly be using some of these techniques with my students.
Robert O'Dea, Principal
Darlinghurst Public School


An essential text! Students can now take control of their own learning end maximise their potential. This book shows all students how to apply accelerative learning methods to boost performance end create a lifelong love of learning.
Garrett Barry, Educationalist
Leading Accelerated Learning Trainer


Sandy is amazing! His training's and writings in accelerative learning continue to make a valuable and important contribution to the improvement of teaching and learning in our country. This text has a great deal to offer both students and their parents.
Karin Sliwka, Pioneer
Accelerative Learning Paradigm


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