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In life I have been extremely fortunate to meet people who are willing to help others. In this E-Report I offer an example of just what I mean.

Incoming Email

I received the following email from a client and wondered how to answer it:

I am interested in your products.  However, I have a couple of challenges.

Firstly, I would be interested in various audios you have, on various topics.  However I have a hearing disability.  Sure I can hear the music, and presumably if there are subliminal messages I can hear them too (CAN I?) but guided meditation is sometimes difficult for me as I can hear it but not necessarily make out all the words.

I intend to order some books on relaxation, release of tension, forgiveness, etc.  In particular I was interested in the Piece of Mind Pack, which is what prompted me to send you this email.  What format is it in?  Will I be likely to be OK with it given my hearing problems?

I know I can order books, but thought the package was good value.  I am not wealthy by a long shot so would appreciate your genuine advice.

My goals:  To relax, release stress, put the past behind me, cope with the present, not worry as much about the future. My husband is ill, I am in a high stress job which I can't give up due to my husbands medical bills.  Lots of guilt, anger and stress. Can you help?

Sandra, (my wife), had a brilliant idea - 'ask others who may know how to help' and so we proceeded to forward the email to two people who both responded with extremely helpful information. Here are their answers (permission granted).

Answer Number One

Hi Sandy,

I would definitely encourage this person to buy the Piece Of Mind book and why not go the extra step and purchase the pack if she does have some hearing.

For me personally - I am deafened and have purchased the books: Piece of Mind, Switch On To Your Inner Strength, and Creating Happiness Intentionally. I have also purchased: Accelerated Learning Music (2 CD set). (I also purchased some other meditation CDs for my sister, which I have not used personally).

I did have my doubts before buying the Accelerated Learning Music CD and thought to myself....How am I going to hear this, with having no hearing whatsoever? So I wanted to try it out and since purchasing the CD...I play it almost every day using my DVD player and on my PC also. I let the music play on as I am home and I cannot even begin to explain to you, how I feel with the music playing. Something in my brain/body is definitely responding and it calms and relaxes me totally.

When I am working on course assignments - before starting work, I meditate often and love going to my Peaceful Place; and I keep repeating to myself that I have excellent recall and I love learning more and more. As I work through my assignments on the PC, while having the Accelerated Learning Music playing in the background....I find that I can recall and find information in my learning materials for the assignment questions so easily and my mind is so relaxed and open.

Also, depending on what I want to work through -I choose and read through selected meditation script/s that I want to work on, for example, meditation scripts from the books Creating Happiness Intentionally and Switch On To Your Inner Strength. I would love to be able to use the guided audio meditations on CD, although, I find the books and reading through the meditation scripts is just as good. As a deaf person, I need to do that extra bit of work with reading and then remembering....but I can promise you that the payoffs and benefits are worth every second.

I hope my feedback will be of help to this woman and I wish her the best of luck and success which I have and am experiencing with your books and Accelerated Learning Music CD.

Please let me know if I can be of further help.

All the best to you also Sandy.


Kerrie Stefas

Answer Number Two

I am happy to help you in regard to your customer's concern about using the audio products.
When using the audio, I usually use it at the time when my three boys are either at school/kinder or in bed asleep and there is no noise in my room while using my CD or MP3 player with the headphone on.Before I had started using the audio, I had read the Creating Happiness Intentionally and Piece of Mind books and had familiarised myself with the scripts by reading them before using the audio.Initially I had to play the tape/CD loud enough to hear the voice but because I knew the script well, I felt that I really didn't need to play it loud, I now memorise the script and focus on the music and I have no problem hearing it and I still get the desired result.

All of my audio collections has been converted to MP3 and I used a particular headphone that allows me to wear my two in-the-canal hearing aids on while using the player and set the hearing aid program to the 'music program' that block out any background noise.In the past, it used to be dreadfully uncomfortable (and painful too!!) to wear bulky headphone and my old hearing aids (the behind the ear model) at the same time and I had take my hearing aids off.Sometimes I had trouble hearing the vocal in the soprano range or the high frequency sounds. (Unless I was to listening to U2 or other heavy rock music- well, I didn't have any trouble hearing the music without my aids on while using the headphone - much to my parents' delight!!)

Below is some suggestions that your customer might like to try:

1. Familiarise with the script by reading one of your books with the script in it. Especially the guided meditation section.
2. Play the audio when it is quiet  i.e. at night time or early in the morning
3. Use a headphone and have sound up a little louder so you can hear the vocal and once you are familiar with script, turn the sound down and focus on the music.
4. If the customer has a particular type of hearing aid/s that allow them to use the headphone comfortably at the same time to use it and program the aids to filter out background noise. (If their hearing aids has that option.)

I have been using the Achieving In Exams and Effective Study CD during my studies and plan to use it prior to my exams in June.

I hope the above is helpful. If you have any further query, please do not hesitate to email me. I am more than happy to help you out.

Have a great day.


Meridith McCormick. :-)


Aren't those answers great! Thank you for your very meaningful and caring advice. The advice offered within these emails is so precious that I am compelled to "put it out to the universe" so that others may pass it on - please feel free to do so.

Isn't it remarkable that there is even more validation and proof of the power of baroque music (Accelerated Learning Music - classical masters that are 60 beats per minute which I had especially made in London for my clients).

So, know the power of music at 60 beats per minute - your heart listens to it and gets in time with the music - you then go to the relaxed Alpha state and you learn faster and easier.



Sandy MacGregor


All The Best


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