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I have written a small book titled Addressing Grief and Loss, in response to very many requests for help with this vexing issue. This electronic book is available free, as a service to you and your friends. The book is my attempt to be of assistance in a very emotional area. In it I have firstly related my personal experience of grief and loss, and then have gone on to offer some different strategies which have come out of this experience. I have taken the liberty of reproducing questions that I have been asked with my answers (no holds barred). Please know that this small book, coming from my experience, does not attempt to be or to provide a definitive answer to everyone's grief issues, however it does offer a way forward. It often takes a crisis before we discover our inner strength. When faced with grief and loss, we can allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the pain, or we can choose to work through it and grow from the experience. Going through the emotions associated with grief and loss is a normal part of the grieving process and it is necessary to reconcile ourselves in some way so that we can move on from the experience to become a better, stronger person with a greater sense of purpose in life as a result.

Here’s the Foreword to - Addressing Grief and Loss

Over the last 15 years I have conducted more than 460 two-day CALM Life Skills Seminars. These seminars are about how to tap into and use the deeper inner mind, the subconscious mind, to achieve anything we wish to do, faster and easier … including accelerated learning, changing or creating new habits, or handling grief and loss - I call it “Life Skills” learning. After I dealt with my own traumatic experience resulting from the shotgun murder of my three teenage daughters Jenny, Kirsty and Lexie, using the methods outlined in this book, I felt compelled to start to teach others and share these powerful techniques.

This book is about dealing with and moving through grief and loss - learning from adversity. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, because we can learn so much) all of us will be facing this issue probably more than once in our life time. We cannot escape things like having friends move away, having to move from one town to another, or losing a pet, or losing a job, or losing a loved one through death.

I have discussed my own experiences in this area during radio interviews, on TV programs including "Sixty Minutes" and "Australian Story", in the written media and during my seminars. During my seminars, or on the telephone, or by email, many people have discussed, questioned, or sought clarification, about many grief and loss issues. I have thousands of words on the subject and I am grateful to my daughter, Lara, for distilling these words into this book which has the purpose of helping others to deal with their own grief and loss.

My major recommendation is always to come to terms with the issues of grief and loss, (never push it down), go through it - and learn from the experience. A major tool that I offer to assist the process of grief and loss and move through guilt, blame, resentment, (and more), and to change negative thoughts like hatred, anger and revenge into acceptance, love and forgiveness is to use my meditation CDs: Acceptance and Letting Go, Unconditional Love and Forgiveness and thus gain a sense of understanding and Inner Peace.

Chapter Headings For - Addressing Grief And Loss

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Sandy’s Personal Story
Chapter 3 Grief and Loss - Challenges

Influence Of The Subconscious
Negative Emotions
* Guilt
* Asking "why me?"
Grief Before The Death Of A Loved One
Chapter 4 Grief and Loss - Moving Forward

Talking To Other People
Writing Down Thoughts And Feelings
Letting Go
Acceptance And Co-operation
Unconditional Love
Chapter 5 Concluding Encouraging Words


Appendix 1 - New CDs Moving Onward - 2 Pack
Appendix 2 - Questions And Answers
Appendix 3 - About The Sixty Minutes Program On 1 April 2001
Appendix 4 - Live Chat Following Sixty Minute Program
Appendix 5 - Australian Story Program 19 July 2001
Appendix 6 - Testimonies From Seminar Participants
Appendix 7 - Building A Peaceful Place And Induction
Appendix 8 - Sandy’s Available Product And Seminars


Questions Covered In Appendix 2

Does Time Heal?
Will Forgiveness Help? And, How Do I Handle My Guilt?
Where do you put the anger? When do you get your say?
Does Religion play a Part?
We Have a Choice!
Eradicate the bastards - will you?
How do 'Rehabilitated criminals' come to terms with being reminded of past sins?
Can one ever forget traumatic events?
Are you aware of “A Course in Miracles”?
Any advice on coping with life and at court please?
Advice on struggling with attachment to my ex-partner

New 2 CD Pack - Moving Onward

Within the book Addressing Grief and Loss, I have suggested the use of 3 guided meditations, to work through the grief and loss issue. There is a guide on how you can make the meditation tapes for yourself, if you choose to, together with the words I use in these guided meditations that are, spoken on the relevant CDs.

Many people have requested the meditations on CD, so I offer them to you as a special Moving Onward - 2 Pack at the price of $50 (Plus postage and packing $6 within Australia). The first two tracks on the Forgiveness CD, are Building your Peaceful Place and Getting to Your Peaceful Place in 3 Minutes, these need to be played as a first step, that is, prior to any meditation. Both Acceptance and Letting Go and Unconditional Love are on one CD.

Acceptance and Letting Go

There are many circumstances where “letting go” helps us to move on in life, eg. the death of someone close or even a pet, the end of a relationship, children as they grow up and change, our status. Acceptance and co-operation are important and doing this meditation has a cumulative beneficial action.


This meditation is spoken over Early Morning in the Rain Forest. Forgiveness is such an important element of daily living. Coming to terms with yourself and others in areas such as judgements, anger, resentment, guilt or blame is a key to your own progress.

Unconditional Love

A great start is loving and accepting yourself. We always have a choice to be loving. There may not be a “loving feeling” behind the decision to take a loving action, but we can have a choice and make the decision to take the loving action anyway. You learn how to Unconditionally Love at a distance.

Be Easy On Yourself and All The Best

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Sandy MacGregor


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