The Thinking Heart And How To Use It


I have some beliefs which are a little away from "the standard" - I call them Na-Na-Nu-Nu. I find it amazing that science now explains more and more of these "non standard beliefs". I have recently read a book called "The Heart's Code" by Paul Pearsall, Ph.D. ISBN 0-7679-0077-4 which describes new findings about cellular memories and their role in the Mind/Body/Spirit connection. It has been scientifically shown that the heart has a memory, by examining the recipients of heart transplants and the history (from relatives) of donors. And amazingly the story of a heart that identifies its killer !!

Dr Pearsall is a psycho-neuro-immunologist who lives in Hawaii and has written several books.  I am going to be quoting extensively from the book and first things first, I need to start with some of my own beliefs.

Incidentally, what do you do with new information?  I believe that the healthy thing to do is to neither accept nor reject it.  Just put it (the information) in an imaginary box and keep it at arms length from you and say: "That's just information which I'll research some time".

Two Analogies Explaining Beliefs

When observing a patient connected to an electro-encephalograph, the read-out of the brainwaves (energy) are on a monitor screen.  Invariably, say on a TV show, the flat line appears and it shows "Brain Dead".  What do we call that energy when it has left the body?  There are many answers aren't there - here are some: Energy, the Light, the Force, Prana, God, Spirit, Chi, Soul, spark of God .... and there are more. Isn't our English language inadequate - same thing, but many different words. Now I'm sure you have heard of near death experiences! In these instances when the body has no energy in it - brain dead - the energy suddenly re-appears. Whatever was outside the body is now inside the body. What's that called? Logic would say that it's called the same - energy, the Light, the Force, God, Spirit, Soul, spark of God. My personal choice is to say the energy is God. So, if I use this word "God", then you know to substitute whatever the right word is for you. The thought of God being within and without is very comfortable to me. I believe that God is within each one of us.

The second analogy is about a sun ray shining in England, for example, is connected to the sun ray shining in Australia, back through the body of the Sun.

To me, in the same sort of way, we are all inter-connected, because the God in you is connected through the body of God to the God in me. This also helps to explain unconditional love - when I love you I am loving that component of you which is the same as me, that is, the God in you, which is joined to the God in me. Hence, I am loving me more and for me, it explains why "I can't? love another unless I love myself." You can see how this avoids the personality - I may choose to like or dislike the personality, but I always love the God in another. I can also choose to love at a distance.

So I believe that God (Energy) is everywhere, including within, and that we are all joined through God.

Another One

I believe that the "Light" - the Highest Light - when called upon for the Highest Good of All Concerned - is something physical which can fill and surround and protect you. God's Light. You can send this Light to others for healing, love, protection and many other things, always saying "For the Highest Good of All Concerned." (For a more complete explanation, read my book "Switch On to Your Inner Strength", pages 210 to 215, or ask me, by e-mail, to send you those pages).

In The Late 1980s Dr Pearsall had Cancer

In the late 1980s Dr Pearsall knew he had cancer long before his doctors confirmed his self-diagnosis - his heart was crying out that something was seriously wrong but his doctors and colleagues dismissed his misgivings saying he was merely overstressed. Months later he was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma, which had spread into his bones, with a small chance of survival. But he did survive and his experience led him to enter research and make discoveries that are nothing short of revolutionary. Pearsall shows that by listening to the subtle energy and wisdom each of us has within our hearts, we can learn valuable lessons for loving, working, playing, praying and healing.

Extract From The Foreword

"When Gary (Gary E.R. Schwartz, Ph.D - who joint-wrote the Foreword) was a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University in the early 1980s, he unexpectedly discovered the logic of the "systemic memory mechanism" (an explanation for how atoms, cells, and organs such as the heart naturally store coded information) and he experienced three fears. The first fear was that to determine whether the logic was truly correct, he would have to write a paper outlining the logic and share it with his colleagues. Once his colleagues knew the implications of the logic - for example, that hearts could learn and carry one's personal code - they might question his credibility (to put it mildly). The second fear was that if the logic turned out to be wrong, this would be no small blunder (another understatement). But the third fear was the worst of all: the logic might actually be correct. If this was true, then Gary would have to dramatically change his cherished beliefs about how nature worked. How he handled these three fears was prototypic of the "sane" scientist - he didn't share the logic with virtually anyone, and kept it quiet for 12 years!" .....He goes on "Simple physics tells us that energy and information leave the body and go out into space. It reaches our loved ones and our pets and plants, it extends to the sky, and yes, logically, the electromagnetic fields expand into the 'vacuum' of space at the speed of light".

Extract From The Introduction - Page 2

Dr Pearsall writes: "I learned through my cancer that when the heart speaks, it does so much as a shy child tries to get her busy mother's attention by repeatedly tugging on her skirt. Like a baby's frustrated cry as it tries to express its needs without words, my heart sobbed in a primal language that can be understood only when we allow our heart to enter into the constant dialogue between our brain and its body and when we become sensitive to a much subtler energy than the brain is used to processing. Until it has to "attack" us to get our attention, our heart has a very delicate way in which it tries to get our attention, and to hear it we must focus on our chest and not our head."

"My heart told me that my wife's and sons' hearts were sending energy that could help me heal. I could feel that energy whenever they were near me and often when they were not. My heart warned me about those hearts that were not yet open or were sending a dissonant and disruptive energy that could interfere with my healing."

"I remember thinking how ironic it was that the same doctors who so doubted an energy they could not see, that seemed to come from my heart, now were using an invisible energy of their own (X-Rays) in a last ditch effort to save my life."

The Heart That Found Its Body's Killer - Pages 7-8

Dr Pearsall writes:"I recently spoke to an international group of psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers in Houston, Texas. I spoke to them about my ideas about the central role of the heart in our psychological and spiritual life, and following my presentation, a psychiatrist came to the microphone during the question and answer session to ask me about one of her patients whose experience seemed to substantiate my ideas about cellular memories and a thinking heart. The case disturbed her so much that she struggled to speak through her tears."

"Sobbing to the point that the audience and I had difficulty understanding her, she said, 'I have a patient, an eight-year-old little girl who received the heart of a murdered ten-year-old girl. Her mother brought her to me when she started screaming at night about her dreams of the man who had murdered her donor. She said her daughter knew who it was. After several sessions, I just could not deny the reality of what this child was telling me. Her mother and I finally decided to call the police and, using the descriptions from the little girl, they found the murderer. He was easily convicted with evidence my patient provided. The time, the weapon, the place, the clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him … everything the little heart transplant recipient reported was completely accurate'."

"As the therapist returned to her seat, the audience of scientifically trained and clinically experienced professionals sat in silence. I could hear sobbing and saw tears in the eyes of the doctors in the front row. Instead of commenting on the story, I asked the audience if I could lead them in a prayer."

How To Use The Heart

Thoughts are things - energy and information leaves the body, reaching our loved ones and for that matter anyone and anything. The heart can listen and receive and send messages (some call this telepathy or sometimes intuition). So, silent thoughts transmitted by the Light for the Highest Good of All Concerned, from heart to heart, can have an impact. I am reminded of the often quoted statement: "If you want more of something in your life, say for example love, then give out what you want - love". The universe reflects to you what you give out - you can not love another without loving yourself.

A process could be:

Step 1: Focus on your loving and bring your focus to your heart.

Step 2: Silently ask for the Light to fill surround and protect you for the highest good of all concerned.

Step 3: Visualise (picture or imagine) that this Light comes from a source beyond infinity, brighter than the sun, filling and surrounding you.

Step 4: Bring your focus to the heart centre of the person with whom you wish to communicate.

Step 5: Visualise sending the Light from your heart centre to the other person's heart centre.

Step 6: As you do Step 5, send the message, saying for example, "Here's the Light from my heart to your heart, sending my love", or "Here's the Light from my heart to your heart, carrying my unconditional forgiveness of you for ..... (and you say what for)", or"Here's the Light from my heart to your heart, sending God's healing Light", and at the end of the message always add "For the highest good of all concerned".

So, work with your heart. You could do this "heart to heart" communication and experience the results for yourself. You could listen with your heart. There is no doubt that silently giving out love in any confrontational situation works - and why shouldn't it - hearts have a special code to communicate. 

Enjoy the Stories below.

All the Best

Sandy MacGregor


Success Stories

    I attended your seminar a couple of years ago, suffering from chronic fatigue, and lack of physical mobility. I have used your techniques, and read Bernie Segal, to heal my body. And last week I was told by the doctors that the chronic condition from which I had suffered for at least 7 years is now finished. I attribute this success to the new healing process I learnt from you, and the healing journey from which your seminar was a start. I still use your piece of mind tapes every night, and have been able to develop my mind in ways that I could have never imagined.
    In short, Sandy, you have both saved and enriched my life in ways no other person could, and I am so thankful that you have helped me in such a way. TA, Vic.

Thank you so much for the great seminar - it really did rescue me from the depths of hurt and sadness. I'm 'doing' the tapes on forgiveness, hurt and sleep and they've helped. I've been speaking with some of my other friends and one in particular has seen the huge improvement in my whole outlook. Both friends are impressed with what they hear and they want to attend your next seminar. BC, Vic

    I am a teacher who attended your two day seminar a while ago and found it tremendously beneficial. I have done considerable research on the wonders of the human brain myself and wrote my MA thesis on 'How the Right Brain is Neglected in Education Today'. Never-the-less I learned so much more from you. Recently I went to a teacher's seminar in Prague on 'Using the Latest Brain Research in Education', taken by Dr Pat Wolfe. You have already covered most of what she taught in your book, 'Students Steps to Success' which I read this weekend and feel as if I had just had a Sandy MacGregor Refresher course!
    I have shared your stories and teachings with many of my students and many of my friends, including two who are professional counsellors. I want you to know that I use my Peaceful Place very frequently, it helps me with stress, emotional pain, fear and guilt. It helped me to heal from a serious ski injury, from arthritis of the shoulder and from a recent bout of chest 'flu.
    I wanted to tell you - and you may use it in your newsletter if you wish - something remarkable, which happened to me on the second day of your seminar. To give a little background information - I am the eldest child of a very dysfunctional family, riddled with addiction and alcoholism for generations. I married an alcoholic and we had years of struggle until we both found Alcoholics Anonymous. My mother was a martyr, who died a few years ago - I had a lot of unresolved anger towards her . One of my obsessions in life was to be the perfect parent, my parents never were, and to stop the cycles of addiction that have gone on so long in my family. I am especially fearful that my children will become alcoholics and addicts (and the pain will start all over again) despite all the effort I have gone to, to stop the crippling messages and dysfunction in my family, and to lead positive, empowering lifestyles filled with unconditional love!
    When we did the last meditation session in your seminar, my aim was to 'let my children go' (they are 21 and 24 years old!) and not to worry about them like I do (they really are very good and very successful in their lives at this stage!) However before we began that last session - with the story about the woman dying of cancer, as her mother had before her, (and her husband was insisting she see a doctor to help her heal herself) - she went off to the cemetery all night to speak with her dead parents - this really struck a chord with me. I realised that I needed to work on forgiving my mother (I had already had the opportunity to forgive my father for his terrible rages, before he died.) Anyway, in our meditation session with you, instead of working on letting my children go as I had planned, I communicated with my mother. I finally accepted that she had done the best she could with where she was at, at the time and I forgave her for all the hurt that I had felt in our relationship. No sooner had I done that, than I realised that I too have always done the best I could as a parent and I can forgive myself for my perceived failures as a mother. Having done that I could then 'let my children go', because it is no longer necessary for me to hold onto them to 'fix' the damage I may have incurred! What was so surprising to me was that it all fell together like dominoes in that one meditation session! Shortly afterwards, on my mother's birthday, I felt her come and stand beside me in the forest and acknowledge the forgiveness. I don't know if all that I have written here makes sense to you, but thank you very much anyway Sandy, and I hope that I have the opportunity to meet with you again as I admire and agree with what you do. I will keep an eye on when and where your seminars occur and I will try and attend them again. MM NZ.


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