Some Tips on Weight Release


Use Positive Words of Reinforcement You probably know why I use the word "release" ! You don't? Well what do you do when you lose something ... anything? Yes, that's right, "find it again"! So the weight loss industry is self perpetuating - you lose a few kilos and then find it again. What I say is that the "Weight Release" industry is the best one ... let it go ... released! So I class "lose" as a negative word - one that you can avoid. Remember the work of Professor Roger Sperry, (who in 1981 won the Nobel Prize for identifying the functions of the Left and Right Brain) he proved (prior to 1981) that negative thoughts attract negative thoughts, which leads to negative action and negative reaction. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day, so let's be aware of them and keep them positive.

A Good Question

When you tell yourself, or know, that you want to release some weight, always ask yourself those questions:
*  Is weight the main issue in my life?  or,
*  What is the real cause of me being overweight?  or
*  What causes me to eat to excess?

You see, often someone may work on weight release, which might actually be the result of a deeper issue.  It's only when we work on the deeper issue first that we will have a better effect on both our mind and body and thus our overall health.

A typical example that can lead to craving food is a lack of self esteem, when in our mind we could use food either as a "reward" or for "protection".  Consider the thought  "I've been good - I deserve a chocolate" (which often stems from habits formed during childhood) and challenge this thought with  "Is this type of food helping me?"  or  "Am I treating my body with respect, like a temple, when I eat chocolates?"  In other words, is it truly a reward?  Obviously it is not, so we need to change the thought.

Eating food for "protection" can be a little more complicated.  Automatic thoughts (habits) such as "Nobody wants me"  or  " I don't deserve anyone"  often manifest in automatic eating, which will cause fatness, which in turn gives the mind a good reason as to why "nobody wants me".  Another scenario can be when somebody has been abused sexually, and although it may have been a while ago, perhaps in a long ago childhood, the psychological damage is done.  What can happen in this example is that someone may overeat to the extent of making their body unattractive so that there is no risk of further abuse.  Self worth is the real challenge here and can be improved using my meditation CD Peaceful Place no 10 - Self Worth and Self Confidence.

Frustration and anger can be additional causes of overeating.  When the habit is formed it can often be a challenge to recognise it, mainly because it is automatic.  A good friend can be a great help just by asking them to give you feedback about your habits and behaviour.  It may not be easy to recognise other reasons why we eat to excess or just "head for food automatically", reasons such as escape from reality, comfort or quelling fears ... and I am sure there are more. My meditation CD No 9 - Letting Go Anger will help change this negative habit.

Aspects of Weight Release

When we have determined that now is the time to take action with food itself, there are some interesting considerations. One is that during the process of eating it takes about 20 minutes for the signal that you are "full" to go from the mouth to the stomach to the brain. So think about this ... if you eat until you are "full" then you have over eaten for 20 minutes. These are some of the new habits to form which really help:
* Concentrate on your food ... reading and eating automatically does not help
* Sit down whilst you eat
* Put your eating utensils down between each mouthful
* Chew your food until it is liquid before you swallow.

Our metabolic rate slows down as we get older. Canadian research has shown that the hypothalamus gland is connected to our metabolic rate. During meditation we can imagine that it is a control knob inside our limbic brain. We can imagine turning down this knob so that our metabolic rate will go up about 500 calories per day. That's worthwhile doing! This is all covered in my Weight Release CD - Peaceful Place No 8.

Goals and Meditation

Having a written goal is a key point in any weight release program. I believe that the most effective goal is one as simple as "I love weighing ........" and you put in the number of kilos, "by .........." and you insert the date which is in 3 months time. One kilo a week is a good aim and give yourself a week or so for your mind to start accepting the goal. This means that your 3 month target is not more than 11 kilos lighter than you are now. If you then have more weight that you want to release, after a couple of months adjust your goal weight and the date. Other components of doing the goal in the subconscious mind, which include having WIIFMs (reasons for your goal), are visualisation of the outcome and super-charging the goal with positive emotion to indelibly imprint the goal into your subconscious mind. These are all important aspects which I have written about in previous E-Reports.

I believe that the meditation process is the most efficient way of forming new habits ... without creating stress. My CD number 8 from the Peaceful Place Series titled "Weight Release" incorporates the goal, the metabolic rate, new habits, visualisation and emotion. It takes about 20 minutes. I suggest you do this 2 to 3 times a day for a month and then once a day. It's great for releasing stress as well. Is this a big commitment? Sure ... and you're worth it!

Signals that the Meditation is Working

Never force yourself ... that's willpower and it causes stress. You are expanding your subconscious mind (your Comfort Zone) with new habits during meditation and then you step into the expanded part. This way you achieve without stress.

Signals that you will receive to keep you on track are thoughts such as "I should be sitting down to eat" or "I need to chew my food thoroughly before swallowing" or "Eat slower" or "Don't read" or "Put my knife and fork down between bites" or "Leave a little bit of food on the plate" or "I won't serve myself as much" or "I'm treating my body like a temple" or "Chocolate tastes like something really awful ... the worst I can think of ... ugh!" As soon as you receive these signals, take action and act on them. Doing does it! And then ... Congratulate yourself! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Here's a great way of setting up achievement. Buy some clothes a few sizes smaller than what you presently are. Have them where you can see them. In your meditation visualise yourself wearing them. You'll feel great.

Words on Food, Exercise and my Personal Experience

In 2005 I spent two months in USA with my wife Sandra and my son Andrew. I over-ate and ... my "excuse" was that I kept my son company! I put on about 8 kilos. The moment that I came back to Australia I was determined to release 14 kilos. My diet was already fairly healthy and I do sit down, eat slowly, etc... so I needed to take additional action.

I resolved to eat extremely healthily and treat my body as a temple and use goals and meditation. The action I took with food was to cut out the bad carbohydrates including sugars from my diet. I was a chocoholic, so now chocolates have gone (none in the last year) and I cut out all breads, cakes, biscuits, cheese (except for cottage cheese), milk (I drink soy milk), ice cream, cream (actually most dairy and I do eat non-fat plain yoghurt), potatoes (except sweet potato). I do eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, salads and fish. I found it easy to release the 14 kilos and it was gone in 3 months which included Christmas, and yes I do drink light beer and wine reasonably frequently. There is a book out that I have been hearing about which is the CSIRO Diet (you can google it for more information) and basically it is what I have been following (above). (No, I didn't read the book or study the CSIRO diet ... I've just heard about it).

Exercise is always important. Walking is great. The theory is that you release weight through burning it in the muscles. I find that exercise is great for self esteem, for being clear headed and to generally make you feel good. I do a regimen of 3 light weights every day, which exercise all parts of the body - chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and stomach. It's half an hour every day, including warm-up and cool down and I know that this keeps my body toned.

So, please pass this e-mail on to anyone you think it may help, because today releasing weight is one of life's main challenges. I believe that no matter what system you use, or what diet you follow, if you haven't made the changes within your subconscious mind then weight release is difficult to achieve and remember my weight release meditation will enhance any system.

All The Best

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Sandy MacGregor

Success Stories

Helen Whiticker I first did your seminar some years ago with the main goal to release weight. I was at a stage where I thought I would never be able to be anything less than what I was after trying unsuccessfully every diet known to man. I was never thin and was always a big person, so maybe I was meant to be like that. After doing your seminar I played the Weight Release tape for about 4 weeks and nothing happened.

I was just starting to think maybe this was never meant to be. That weekend I had an argument with my sister. I stopped and thought about what had happened and what was said and how negative it all was and how negatively I had been talking to myself as well as letting other negative people influence my self talk. That was when I really started to listen to the Weight Release tape. And my weight just started dropping off. First of all I released 20 kg. and couldn’t believe it – I was really on my way. It stabilised at that for a while, but I kept at it and another 20 kg released. Wow! That was great. Ever since then I have changed the way I have spoken to myself and to date I have released 70 kg – yes, that is right – 70 kg! Can you believe it – that is more than I weigh now.

I now wear a size 8 jeans and I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. When I go to get new clothes I can’t believe that I have to start at a small size as I used to always go to the end of the rack to see what was the largest size they had. I still have to pinch myself sometimes – I just can’t believe it. It’s all about the way you talk to yourself and I would never have been able to do this without you – so thank you very much. I know if I can do this, anyone can. Change the way you talk to yourself and others. If I could say one thing, it would be to get a tape or CD and listen to it – really listen to it and think about how you talk to yourself and what you believe about yourself. When people ask me how much weight I have lost I always say – I have not lost a thing! Because I don’t want it back … I have RELEASED IT !!! Let it go, don’t hang on to it – it can be done – it HAS been done!! Thank you so much Sandy – with great appreciation (I have enclosed a before and after photo).
Helen Whiticker, NSW


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