Love, Gratitude, Appreciation and the Quantum world


Quite a while ago I was introduced to the world of quantum physics. Being a Civil Engineer the quantum world was beyond me - I like things that I can see, touch and understand! So what is this other world of physics? I have recently unearthed an email I received in 2004 which is about some research done by the Heart Math Center in USA which I am going to include in this E-Report (see below). First I am going to describe to you (as best as I can remember) an experiment that was done by Physics Students at the University of NSW which demonstrated an example of Quantum Physics. My son-in-law Stefan told me about this experiment when I asked him to describe or give me an example of this "unseen quantum energy".

Stefan's experiment

A light source was shining through microscopic pin holes into a darkened room. The light that shone through these  microscopic pin holes formed a distribution pattern on (I think) photo sensitive paper. In this first experiment nobody observed the experiment - that is the light as it shone through was measured on the photo sensitive paper, which then showed the result. The distribution pattern thus measured was unaffected by human intervention in any way.

The same experiment was conducted again with one difference. Human eyes were observing the experiment - particularly the light as it shone through the microscopic pin holes on its way to the (I think) photo sensitive paper.
I guess by now you know what I'm going to say - that's right, the pattern measured by the light onto the sensitive paper was different. In other words human eyes just watching the light somehow effected the light pattern that was  measured. The apparent "energy" effecting the light pattern is an example of Quantum Physics at work.

The Email I received
Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation Turns on Genetic Code
Can Frequencies Change DNA?

The Experiment:

This experiment was done by the Institute of Heart Math and the paper that was written about this was titled: Local and Non local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA.
In this experiment, some human placenta DNA (the most pristine form of DNA) was placed in a container from which they could measure changes in the DNA. Twenty-eight vials of DNA were given (one each) to 28 trained researchers. Each researcher had been trained how to generate and FEEL feelings, and they each had strong emotions. What was discovered was that the DNA CHANGED ITS SHAPE according to the feelings of the researchers:

1. When the researchers FELT gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by RELAXING and the strands unwound. The length of the DNA became longer.
2. When the researchers FELT anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by TIGHTENING UP. It became shorter and SWITCHED OFF many of the DNA codes! If you've ever felt "shut down" by negative emotions, now you know why your body was equally shut down too. The shut down of the DNA codes was reversed and the codes were switched back on again when feelings of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation were felt by the researchers.

This experiment was later followed up by testing HIV positive patients. They discovered that feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation created 300,000 TIMES the RESISTANCE they had without those feelings. So here's the answer to what can help you stay well, no matter what dreadful virus or bacteria may be floating around. Stay in feelings of joy, love, gratitude, and appreciation!

These emotional changes went beyond the effects of electro-magnetics. Individuals trained in deep love were able to change the shape of their DNA. Gregg Braden says this illustrates a newly recognized form of energy that connects all of creation. This energy appears to be a TIGHTLY WOVEN WEB that connects all matter.
Essentially we're able to influence this web of creation through our VIBRATION. (And I might add thoughts and intentions.)

A practical application

What do the results of these experiments have to do with our present situation? Just by observing light we can change light patterns. Just by thinking something we can effect DNA. What about the DNA within us? We already know that we can have an enormous effect on our wellbeing just by the way we think. Thoughts are things!

Let me give you a practical example. Four days ago a friend of mine was totally depressed and tearful. She had recently been dealing with real health issues - life and death issues in fact. Now her finances were in a bad way and she had taken a telephone selling job - not easy at the best of times and almost impossible to be successful when you're depressed. My friend had attended my seminars and knew the theory but had not been "doing it". I am a firm believer that we project ourselves in an "unseen" way even on the telephone. When you're depressed it is pretty hard to have good thoughts and I feel sure that negativity would be projected - the result was no sales ...... and desperate tears.

When I was chatting with her I reminded her of the really successful times that she had had in her life. There were a few that I knew about - not all sales, however all the occasions generated good positive emotion and brought smiles. I suggested that she sit down in a quiet space, then go to her Peaceful Place (this puts one in the Alpha brain wave state and opens the Reticular Activating System so that now one is dealing with the subconscious mind) and visualise each of the good occasions taking place in turn and really feel the emotion.

My advice was to do this over and over again and then do it just before the sales call. At this time also picture and imagine that the result of the telephone conversation was an excellent result for both of you. I was thrilled to receive a telephone call that night and again the next day saying that there were 8 sales - approximately one per hour - the drought had broken.


Yes we can just activate our own thoughts to affect our own lives. We can do this through our own feelings and have a significant effect on creating our reality - by choosing it with our feelings. Our feelings are activating the DNA and I am sure it is connected to the web of creation having an effect on all of the energy and matter of the Universe. Remember the law of the Universe so effectively promoted by the DVD and book The Secret is that we attract what we focus on. If you are focused on fear then that is what will be attracted to you. Remember that! Consciously involve yourself in mental exercises that express feelings of joy, love, appreciation or gratitude. This focus will bring more of that into your life, automatically.

The experiment above shows that your choices (free will) decide much of your destiny, health or sickness, life or death. Remember - thoughts are things!

So, please find something to be happy about every day, and every hour if possible, moment-to-moment, even if only for a few minutes. This way you contribute to both yourself and the world.

All the best,

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Sandy MacGregor


Success Stories

Over 16 years ago I was in a highly paid, outwardly very successful career. I was working 70 plus hours a week at times and was stressed out and actually earning an hourly rate less than my secretary. I had been in a dead end relationship with a man I loved to bits for several years. I hated my job as the people I worked with were corrupt and dangerous. Despite the outward trappings of success I see this time as a very low part of my life. I knew I was looking for some answers and the courage to walk away from it. My father was also diagnosed as terminally – but slowly – ill and I was living in Wellington and wanted to get back to Christchurch.
I walked into Lambton Quay Whitcoulls store and was just looking for something to take my mind off everything. I went into a part of the store I am not sure I ever went to before. There was this book with a blue head on it by Sandy MacGregor. Cannot remember why I was drawn to it but just bought it. Later that day I read the local newspaper where I lived and saw that this man was coming to Wellington – YIPPPEEE – saved me reading the book…….for now……SO I paid for my ticket and bought one for my secretary – who was struggling with personal issues at the time.
We arrived and found this man, pretty smiley but sort of gruff at the same time. Put this down to the military training he spoke of.
I listened with a semi open mind but the BIG thing was doing visualisation and building a peaceful place in my mind. When I did this it was in colour, and I could hear it and smell it……it was real and I used it through the period I needed.
I left my job, realising peace meant more to me than just having solitude. My soul battling with where I was working did me no good.
I moved to Christchurch and helped nurse my dad until he died over a year later. I was with him when he died and money cannot give me that time so having realised what was more important I was where I was needed.
Met my future husband and although the marriage has not lasted – have two amazing children I have now raised on my own for almost 7 years.
My mother died 20 months ago after 7 years with cancer and secondary cancer. Again I gave up work for over a year to be with her every single day. During this time I remembered the book, the course and the programme I had used. I even FOUND some cassettes – oops now on CD! But I found a copy of the book – having given mine to a friend to borrow and it not coming back. I used it during Mum dying. She was my best friend and everything to me – so it was tough. It got me through, “porpoising” when I could - in and out of my peaceful place. I know where I built it – and have promised myself a trip to the beach at the end of the South Island…. Have not made it yet for financial reasons but that is working out as am now back to working and juggling the kids and trying to have a life again…….
Big tip - do not porpoise when at the lights……people toot and it ruins it! Driving is not a good time either.
I am sure more has developed in your seminars Sandy – but it has helped me through some pretty horrendous times, decisions and life events.
Nothing compares to what you went through but sadly also had a cousin's girl murdered over in Australia – front door when she got home, a man she had been seeing lay in wait and stabbed her to death…….. Again I thought of you and remembered the training I had received…
Unlike any other form of stress relief it comes up when I need it……… I am committed to using it more and also trying to think of ways to teach my children who are 10 and 8.
Thanks again and it has been successful for me – think otherwise I would be slightly crazy~!!!!!!!!!!or medicated……M S New Zealand

As you know I attended your live-in CHI seminar in May of this year. I am just as dedicated to my goals now as I was on the last day of the seminar. I'm still meditating every day using your Peaceful Place collection and have during that time, used the weight release meditation and have lost 6 kgs. I also have used the meditations to change my habit of nail biting, and have now very long and strong nails which I'm very proud of. I have the ability now to get to my peaceful place and de-stress quickly, sometimes even meditating by just reciting your words in my head …no electricity or ipod required.
The skills you have shared with me have been absolutely life changing and I'm a calmer more confident person, striving toward my goals and setting more as I achieve, and also sharing what I have learnt with gusto and passion.
Thank you Sandy. J R Victoria


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