What does Being Spiritual or Spirituality mean?


After doing a great deal of reading on this subject (and doing some self-exploring), I have come to the conclusion that spirituality is whatever you want it to mean to you. The word spiritual is often used in many different ways and there is no fixed definition of its true meaning. Often it is argued that religion and spirituality don't go together. The counter argument is put forward as well - that you can be spiritual without a religion and that you can be spiritual within a religion. (I favour the latter).

Here's a definition from Wikipedia that really shows a wide diversity:-
1. Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material.
2. Of, concerned with, or affecting the soul.
3. Of, from, or relating to God; deific.
4. Of or belonging to a church or religion; sacred.
5. Relating to or having the nature of spirits or a spirit; supernatural.

We are all spiritual -- having a spiritual journey

We all have an energy in the body - measured on the electroencephalograph. What is this energy called when it departs the body - Life Force, Energy, Chi, Prana, Soul, Spirit, Spark of the Divine and there are more. Often it comes back into the body and it's called exactly the same thing.

Here's a question - are we a body having a physical experience or are we a soul (that energy referred to above) housed in or experiencing a physical body? Here's a link to a previous E-Report titled 'Towards Spiritual Meditation' [Click Here] which expands this discussion by talking about the Light and the oneness concept. We are all carrying the energy and we are all experiencing a journey - to me it's a spiritual journey.

Dr Michael Newton in his second book Destiny of Souls  (his first was Journey of Souls) writes in the final chapter titled Our Spiritual Path page # 399 "There are atheists and agnostics who have taken the position that since religious and spiritual knowledge cannot be based upon natural or proven evidence, it is unacceptable. Simply having faith is not truly revealed knowledge to the sceptic. I identify with these people because I was one of them".

I know that even sceptics, atheists and agnostics have a journey in life - I call it a spiritual journey.

So what is "being spiritual"?

Living life is a quick short answer. We can make that tougher or easier -- it's a choice. If there is no inner peace in life it doesn't matter what sort of spiritual affiliation one has. Newton writes "disengagement in life arises when we separate ourselves from our inner power by taking the position that we are all alone, without spiritual guidance, because no one upstairs is listening".

My personal belief and experience is that spirituality is a searching within - it is an individual quest!

We are influenced by what's going on in our life -- we can take action, one step at a time. Even if the step is in the wrong direction it doesn't matter, for we will learn the lessons. In other words these lessons are designed to teach us and are experiences for our soul. We need to learn to take responsibility for all our decisions without blaming others for life's challenges which could bring unhappiness.

Life's journey is a constant journey towards fulfilment - experiencing challenges, blocks, doubts, fears and change along the way. The challenges involving adversity can be enormous. How we deal with life's challenges really matters -- what we learn from adversity really matters. All this inward searching of self is working towards being spiritual and remember that each day is a new beginning. Self awareness is the end result and can take us to new heights. Engaging in self-discovery is our best route towards wisdom.

An Example of a Public Figure

There are many people trying to escape reality because they see their identity as having no meaning or purpose. Newton says "Drugs and alcohol aside, in overcrowded high-tech societies around the world, people have an emptiness of spirit because they are ruled with their body-ego senses. They have little or no connection to their real self."

An article on Elle MacPherson in Womens Weekly June 2006 -- in part said ...
Elle did a month at the Meadows - where they focus on the individual patient's disorders. The Meadows staff identifies and addresses the core patterns that have caused continual return to self-destructive behaviours.
"Elle came out of there not so much changed as rearranged and searching for reality in her life," says a pal, "She started looking within and and questioning herself and those around her. She wanted to know her purpose in life and her answer was to look at spirituality to make a difference."

Knowing Ourselves

Knowing ourselves spiritually also means understanding our relationships. Why do we have our particular mothers, fathers, siblings, partners and close friends? We have often experienced either pain in or pleasure from all of the close people in our lives. What are the lessons in life that we can learn from them that contribute to our own wisdom

I believe that my CHI seminar (Creating Happiness Intentionally) which is about determining Life's Purpose Now and all the goals that lead to a Life's Purpose, addresses a process of going within and searching self in a very practical manner.

Some questions addressed at the seminar are :-
* Who are you really?
* Why do you feel you exist?
* What are you accomplishing in life?
* Where do you want your life to lead you

I often hear the fatalistic outlook "it's Gods will" or "it's my karma" when addressing negativity in life. My belief is that this only contributes to inaction and lack of purpose and people expressing these sorts of beliefs haven't heard or accepted the terms " take responsibility" or" do something about it".

Here is what a 19 year old said about the search of self at the recently completed CHI seminar:-
 I achieved a substantial amount from the CHI Seminar. Finally I have an anchor to hold onto in a world of emotions that were drowning me. Finally I have been down a path towards self-healing, where instant results have proved to me that I can and I will achieve things I never thought possible.
No-one ever told me about the power of self-talk, no expert ever suggested that I could overcome my anxiety through meditation, goal setting and spiritual alignment.
I still have a long way to go in regard to letting go of the past, but now that I have goals, and hope, the world is that much less scary, and the future that much brighter.
I now look forward to achieving my life's purpose now - nothing is going to stop me. Thank you Sandy.

Concluding remarks (if there ever can be a conclusion)

My experience is that meditation is an excellent starting point to furthering our spiritual journey. Recently a Vietnam Veteran who started my Active Meditation Series spoke of buried demons starting to surface during meditation. I say here that all past "demons" needs to be identified and handled so that we can learn the lessons and neutralise them - just like adversity. My first act was to congratulate him. Now he is aware of them he can really do something about them -- he is now working with the meditation process of acceptance, love and forgiveness.

So, enjoy your life's journey, learn the lessons, meditate, have fun, be who you are and bathe in your spirituality.

Enjoy the Success Stories below, and .................

All the best,

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Sandy MacGregor

Success Stories

Hello Sandy - my husband and I were at your seminar in Whangarei. He spoke with you about Vietnam at the conclusion of the seminar as he is also a returned Vietnam Vet. I need to tell you that we bought the 17 CDs and they have had the single most benefit on my husband ever. This is after years of seeking helping through many counsellors and medication. He is smiling and more relaxed and much more positive than previously. So you need to know this because stories like this must make all that travel for you and your wife, worthwhile. A longer course may well be in our future! G. P. New Zealand

My daughter and I went to visit my folks in the country for Christmas, and that is what has prompted me to write.
The relationship with my parents is not an easy one. We are very different. There is a cultural difference, and our spiritual beliefs are different. My mother is a very anxious person, who can be a bit like some sort of a wind up gadget that takes forever to unwind and stop. This often happens as a result of the build up of us coming to visit, as it did this Christmas.
Mum's unwinding involves non-stop chatter, that can cover an incredible amount of subject matter, in a short space of time, to be followed by many more rounds. Over the last few years my father has lost some of his hearing and my mother now speaks louder, and with a "do you understand me" quality. One morning as I listened to one of my mother's unwinding rounds, I felt my head booming, with that same feeling you get when your teenager's music booms with too much bass.
As I thought I'd like to turn down the sound this booming effect was felt in my chest, and it shocked me to think that this could be the beginning of an anxiety attack, something I had never experienced before. For a split second I felt fear...and then - I went to my 'Peaceful Place,' and you know what ( and you probably do know) I was back to normal within seconds!
It was amazing!!!! I have used my peaceful place many a time to stop verbal reactions for instance, as well as for meditation etc.but I've never had to use it, and never expected to use it for such a physical thing.Truly amazing. B.B. New South Wales

My name's Fitri from Indonesia. I'm a reader of your book 'Piece of Mind'. I know about your book from 'Quantum Ikhlas'. From the first time I read your book, I really like it, and then I decided to try your peaceful place method, I bought Peaceful Place Series CD for practice. Gladly I don't have any difficulties when doing this, I see my peaceful place easily. After several weeks practice actually I didn't really see the benefits although I love the feeling when I feel relax and happy there. And then one day, I feel so difficult to fall asleep, I use it, and it works! I can sleep just in few minutes. Although unfortunately I somehow not succeed for the second and third times. And then I use it again in different occasion, especially when I'm not feeling good because of some reasons (i.e disappointed, fed up) and WOW! It change my mood, my feeling instantly, I love it! As for me this is the benefit that I feel very useful in my life so far. I usually need to clear about my feeling first before go to peaceful place, and when I do both of these, the benefits become extra! I feel my problems suddenly disappear nowhere, like nothing happen, I become calm and objective seeing everything. And now I intended to use it in many others area in my life. I'm sure I'll get lots more benefit.
Anyway, I just want to say my deeply thank you for sharing this method. Many blessings to you and your family. May peace and happiness always be with you. Fitri Indonesia


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