It's Sandra MacGregor here this time - Sandy's wife. This will just be a quick E-Report coming from me this month as Sandy is in Laos right now. Some of you may already know that Sandy is patron of a charity called MiVAC - Mines Victims and Clearance. The MiVAC Trust is the initiative of Australian Vietnam Veterans who cleared landmines in Vietnam and have seen first hand the devastation caused by these indiscriminate weapons. I'm sure Sandy will update you some more about this on his return from Laos and for anybody who would like to see more now, please visit the website at I think we'll all be hearing a lot more about MiVAC soon.

Spring has Sprung

Or at least most of the time it feels as though that is the case.  Spring is usually considered as a time of renewal and perhaps a bit of spring cleaning.  Most of you reading Sandy's E-Reports have probably already incorporated using meditation into your daily lives and if you need refreshment and encouragement I really urge and encourage you to include Peaceful Place and meditation in your lives and if you need a little "help along the way"  a Peaceful Place CD can be a great starting point. 
Speaking of renewal, Sandy has a "new" website.  Well, it's still called but if you'd like to check it out, you'll see that it's different from before and we certainly hope more user friendly.  Any feedback you have for us will be gratefully accepted.
Have you ever considered attending Sandy's CHI Seminar?  I attended Sandy's CHI just more than 18 months ago now and it was one of the best seminars I have attended.  You'll probably think ... well of course I'm going to say that ... but I think those who are closest to us can also sometimes be the most critical (in a constructive way of course).  People asked me ... but didn't you already know most of what was in CHI?  Well I didn't, because I was saving myself for it ... saving it until the time was just perfect and I wasn't going to be worried about my kids or other concerns.  As well as facilitating me to think very deeply about what I want in life ... just for me that is ... it also was a truly replenishing, nurturing and wonderful retreat.  I will include again the links below and there are still a couple of places left for the upcoming CHI.  So if you contact us as soon as you can, we could fit you in.
So, I hope you might feel inside yourself the stirrings of Spring renewal and perhaps commitment to a "peaceful life".  Feel free to contact us any time, and we always love receiving your emails.
Warm Regards,
Sandra MacGregor
Testimonials from past CHI Participants
     As an artist, I find seminars very good for creativity and peace of mind. I also like the company of other people, especially knowing that I’m not alone, and I enjoy working with Sandy.
     Although I was in a lot of pain during the CHI Seminar, it helped me to make the big decision to have a major operation very soon after I got home. I went through the operation with very little pain which is marvellous!
     Since then, I’ve completed ten paintings, even though all I can do is push myself out to the studio in my wheelchair - my creativity has really improved, and my paintings are different - there is more of a soul-like quality in them. I really feel I’ve made a step forward and I’m no longer frustrated like I was - in spite of the wheelchair I’ve made big leaps!
     It’s truly wonderful to have this powerful inspiration for my work, and I give myself a big pat on the back!
     I attended the CHI Seminar because I was going through a traumatic time in my life - it helped me to deal with that, and I’ve come out the other side a stronger person.  I also needed to find some direction in my thinking and personal life.  I certainly got that - and I got ten times more than what I expected!
     There were many highlights - the atmosphere of the venue was really conducive to the whole spiritual feeling of the seminar, Sandy was a good leader, and all the participants as a group got on very well - the group support was wonderful and it helped me to realise that I’m not alone in what I’m striving for - other people are going through the same challenges as I am.
     I’m now able to get to my Peaceful Place automatically, to relax easily - better than before!  And I put into place some goals - and I’m achieving them.  I set goals that I wanted but didn’t know how I was going to get them - well, they’ve just fallen into place!
     One of my goals was to be healthy and fit - I set the goal of walking for 45 minutes every day even though I really didn’t think I had a spare 45 minutes.  Also, part of my financial goals was to get extra work to increase my income.  I got a part-time job (letter-dropping), which brought me extra money, and as a result I found that I was walking for at least one hour!  I also stopped using the car to go to work and walked instead - so that added another 10 minutes.
     The personal satisfaction I got from the CHI Seminar was immense - it was well worth the money!
     My Life’s Purpose now.  If it is to be it is up to me.
 PY,  NSW.


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