Sandy MacGregor as Your CALM MENTOR Coach


If you could be personally mentored in how to apply the tools and techniques of the CALM System (described in the books Piece Of Mind and Switch On To Your Inner Strength) to your everyday life by the person who brought the books to the world - would you do it?


My name is Sandy MacGregor.  I wrote those books which describe the CALM System and I hope you consider what I am about to tell you as good news.

I have created a way for me to personally share with you and to talk with you individually about all the key points of the CALM System and its application to assisting with or overcoming life's issues.

My Life's Purpose

Since 1989 my Life's Purpose has been to create the awareness of the power within, and provide tools to tap that power.  In the main, to achieve this, I have developed the CALM System and have conducted seminars principally in Australasia at a frenetic pace, teaching the system. I now wish to add a more personal service.

My life's journey and direction was brought about by the experience of dealing with the murder of my three daughters in 1987.  Thankfully prior to the girls' murder I had gained the skills to change the debilitating thoughts of hatred, anger and revenge I had into acceptance and letting go, unconditional love and then forgiveness.  I gained a sense of inner peace by tapping into my own inner strength.

I studied the powers of the mind and supplemented the teaching of the CALM system with 6 books, many DVDs, multiple CDs, and presentations. I have reached hundreds of thousands of people since 1989 and have developed a team of Independent Credentialed CALM Coaches who are spreading the awareness of how to tap your own inner strength.

The CALM System

This system is one where you tap into your own inner strength and use it deliberately.  We all realise the difficulties involved with change - the CALM System makes it easy. It involves:
     * The ability to relax quickly - in less than 30 seconds
     * Setting goals using the laws of the subconscious mind
     * Making and using an emotional anchor for memory
     * An 8 step system to achieve goals faster
     * A 7 step process to achieve accelerated learning
     * Learning guided imagery and visualisation
     * Actively meditating
     * Handling life issues such as self confidence, anger, fears, relationships, sleep, healing, pain and ..... much more .....

Individual Mentoring

It has become evident, for some time now, that there is a demand for individual mentoring and I have decided to put together a flexible approach to have "Sandy MacGregor as Your CALM Mentor Coach".

In this very flexible approach you choose what it is you wish to achieve with the CALM System by talking to me.  You choose how much time you wish to spend working with me.  And the approach takes into account whether or not you are familiar with the CALM System by having attended seminars and/or worked with books, DVDs or CDs.

A Chat With An Experienced Mentor

Don't you wish you could just have a chat with an experienced Mentor so that you can seek clarification or just bounce around your ideas?

I want you to know that there are hundreds of success stories from seminar participants on my website.  They have all used the CALM System successfully to achieve goals, overcome fears, release weight, change negative habits, set their life's purpose, increase confidence, mend relationships, and more.  Here's a link to some success stories

Would you like to check out your goals - perhaps the wording of them or the visualisation of success?

Would you like to ask some questions - perhaps about mind science or establishing neural pathways?

I hope you undertake this journey with me and establish the CALM System as a habit.  Remember, a great thing about the system is that it is all done in the relaxed state!  Of course it requires significant dedication of your time and resources - I can assure you the rewards of tapping into your inner strength to achieve are worth it.

I am excited by the possibility of working with you.

All The Best

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Sandy MacGregor

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The topics I intend to cover in this explanatory paper are:

A.  Potential topics in CALM Mentor Coach Sessions
B.  The CALM System by Seminar, Product or Mentoring
C.  What if you have participated in a CALM Seminar?
D.  How it works initially
E.  Further Mentoring
F.  Payment
G.  Summary.

A.  Potential topics in CALM Mentor Coach Sessions include:

     1. Any clarification of Seminar Information or
     2. Calm Accelerated Learning Techniques or
     3. Relaxation and releasing stress in 30 seconds or
     4. Setting and Achieving Personal Goals Faster or
     5. Setting and Achieving Your Business Goals  or
     6. Science of the Mind used by CALM or
     7. Dealing with Life's Issues and Challenges or
     8. The use of Active Meditation Techniques to Achieve (choose the topic) or
     9. Determining Life's Purpose Now and how to achieve it or
    10. How to have a Balanced life or
    11. You choose the topic.

B.  The CALM System by Seminars, Product or Mentoring

      1. The most cost effective way of knowing the CALM System is by using books, DVDs and CDs.  The obvious drawback is, if you are alone, then you can not interact with others and you cannot have questions answered immediately.
     2. The next most cost effective way of knowing the CALM System is by attending a seminar with the advantages of interaction and having questions answered immediately.
     3.  To learn the CALM System by Mentoring alone would take almost as long as a seminar - say 16 hours.  This is obviously an ineffective way as far as cost is concerned.  A combination of Mentoring with either seminars or product is a good alternative.  What Mentoring does is to integrate the information so that the CALM System can become a habit.  Likewise Mentoring supports participants to go even deeper or to expand on their success.

C.  What if you have participated in a CALM Seminar?

     Participants who have attended a 2-Day CALM Life Skills Seminar or the 4-Day CHI Seminar between January 2008 to January 2010 will receive a credit of 50% off.
     Participants who attend the 2-Day Seminar will receive one hour of free Mentoring - this commences in March 2010.  Likewise, Participants attending a 4-Day CHI Seminar receive 2 hours of free Coaching (this commenced in January 2010).
     Participants who receive mentoring and then choose to use products or attend a seminar will receive 10% off the product purchase price, or a credit of $100 off the seminar price.

D.  How it Works Initially

     There are two initial products.  One is to email a query to me and the other is a 30 minute introductory session.
     1.  Email a query to Sandy as your CALM Mentor Coach for a cost of $35.  Any participant can ask questions or queries by sending an email and they will receive an in depth answer from Sandy.  The possible areas of query are described in point A above.  If the topic to be addressed in the email is clarification of seminar information then know that this is free if it is within a time frame of 12 months after attending a seminar.
     2.  Thirty Minute Introductory Coach or Mentor Session Cost $95.  This product is 30 minutes with Sandy on the telephone or Skype.  It includes the telephone costs to a landline in Australia and an assessment, by Sandy, of the answers to a questionnaire completed and submitted by the participant.

     Upon purchase of the product the participant receives an emailed questionnaire, the purpose of which is to save time and so that Sandy can have to hand any resources that needed to satisfactorily answer any questions.
     Upon receipt of the questionnaire a mutually agreeable appointment time will be made.

E.  Further Mentoring

     As a result of the Introductory Session then several courses available could result in having Sandy as your CALM Mentor Coach.  These include:
     1.  Completion at the end of the Introductory Session
     2.  A desire to have another 30 minute or 60 minute session and then make a further decision
     3.  A desire to have 4,  6,  or 12 one-hour sessions, say weekly or each fortnight.
     4.  A desire to have 30 minute sessions on a regular basis.
     5.  A desire to buy discounted product and then return for further sessions if necessary.
     6.  A desire to attend a seminar and then return for further sessions if necessary.
An estimate of further costs will be made depending upon your personal requirements reached at the end of your Introductory Session.

F.  Payment

     To order either an email query for $35 or an Introductory Session for $95 then know that this is on the Online Shop in the CALM websitehere is a link for each of them:
     Link to order email Query                     

     Link to order Introductory Session

     For further sessions, payment can be by cheque, money order, credit card, PayPal or direct to the CALM bank account.  For extensive Mentoring commitments there will be discounts or bonuses.

     All charges include GST and if the Participant's company or employer pays, then a GST receipt is available for tax purposes.

G.  Summary

     1.  Choose any topic about how to use the CALM System with a Life Challenge
     2.  Email a query - in depth answer from Sandy - $35
     3.  Thirty minute Introductory Session with Sandy - $95
     4.  Decisions of time and cost on further sessions are made after the introductory session.
     5.  Regular mentoring available
     6.  Payment is made when ordering the online product
     7.  Discounts for seminars and product after Introductory Session
     8.  Session is by telephone (Australia, UK and USA Landline, at Sandy's expense)
     9.  For more personal interaction session, this could be by Skype
   10.  Accounts include GST and Tax Invoices when required.


    Link to order email Query 

    Link to order Introductory Session


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