Many Paths to a Destination


Once we are on the journey of development or self development - learning about things that we probably should learn at school, such as dealing with change, which is a real constant in life - we can sometimes feel as though we are bombarded with different approaches to dealing with "situations". These "situations" are mostly life challenges and ultimately are "opportunities" to learn more.

There are many teachers and many techniques ... or paths if you like, to travel along on the journey of "self discovery" and learning.
How do we Choose the Right Approach?

Is there a "right approach" to dealing with our own particular life situation which may include certain issues or challenges?  My view is that it is similar to maintaining a healthy body or healing a body.  Our bodies are similar yet different!  What works for one may not necessarily work for another.  Look at medication for example - penicillin can be life saving for most and for others it can cause death through an allergic reaction.
So how do we know what works for us?  Consider for a moment the different healing modalities which are available:
- massage, Bowen Therapy, reflexology, iridology, Chinese herbs & medicine, acupuncture -
all these modalities can be monitored by traditional medicine through or by a good doctor and then I always suggest and recommend also involving the mind through meditation to help whatever you want to achieve.
The simple answer is ... we don't know what works for us until we try it.  What works for one does not necessarily work for another.  Have you heard the expression "suck it and see"?  That's the approach I recommend. 

Back to Self Development

Most people will probably have some sort of health challenge at some time in their life, so let's take the example of "healing the body" and how do we go about that. There have been, and indeed still are, so many options available, as mentioned above, that it can be hard to know which is the "best for me"?  When I was initially learning (yes, I'm still learning) about the mind - the subconscious mind - I read as many books as I could and attended as many seminars as I could.  What I found was that if I went with the attitude of "I'll learn at least one thing that will help me to make a difference" then with every seminar I attended I would develop more and more.
I have read and heard that it is really a good idea to spend money on your own personal growth and development - up to 10% of your income.  Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?  We are worth it !
Some of the people and self development courses I have studied (or continue to study) include - Insight seminars, Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Rowlands, John Keogh, Chris Howard, Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza, Michael Grinder, Steven Snyder, Bob Proctor, Eric Jensen ... and many more.  From each one of them I have learned something.  I learned most from Steve Snyder who was one of my first teachers in this area. 
Michael Rowland's Film - "Being in Heaven"

I have known Michael for 23 years and I am familiar with his work.  He has just produced an 87 minute film which is basically about consciousness and what he teaches.  I thoroughly recommend seeing it.  Michael teaches much which is similar, yet different, to what I teach.
The film is about a person who is expanding their awareness about their own inner powers and how they can tap into them.  It is interestingly told through a number of stories and is done in such a way that the student  learns that life is full of choices and that everything in life, and even what may be happening now in life is a product of our own life experiences from the time we are born.
Michael explains how we are all connected and that the mind is not restricted to the body where it resides.  The mind is aware of all things.  He shows how we have internal "programs" (or habits) that either serve us or do not serve us and that we need to clear out those that don't serve us and put in or overlay new programs that do serve us.  We can do this by expanding our level of consciousness.

The Law of Attraction

Oh yes!  Michael talks about the law of attraction ... "Whatever you hold in your mind you will attract into your life."  He urges us to write down what we want in our lives and read it and know it.  Then sit comfortably and with single focused concentration you "lose consciousness" and enter the "Higher" mind (go within) and then repeat the statement you have written.  There's much more that Michael explains - have a look here.  The "Higher" mind is the superconscious (I call it the subconscious) and it has no limits to where it can be connected nor to its intuitive abilities.
Peak states, sporting stories, coincidences and past experiences are all covered.

My personal thought about this film "Being in Heaven" is that it has in it much more information than the one that swept the world recently ... "The Secret".  It has in it more potential to increase one's awareness that we can all tap into and deliberately use our "Inner Strength". 

So, have a look at the Being in Heaven Website - you may like to buy this DVD, look at the film, learn more and tell others about it.  I am recommending this to you to increase awareness that we can all handle change, overcome challenges, achieve more and make life easier ... and there is more than one path.

All the best

Sandy MacGregor
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Success Stories

I continue to make progress. 
 A strange thing that happened one night when I was quite concerned about my lack of air, (in my lungs) when doing my PP. I found that my relaxed place, instead of being vivid colours was all greyed out.  Not worried because I still got to my PP but found it interesting.  Have you ever heard of anyone experiencing this? ((Sandy's comment (look at this link) - it is like sabotage))
 I am thinking about what you said about us all being linked.  I began to forgive my mother and family somewhat during the course of growing.  When I arrived home my mother had sent me a birthday card..first one ever that I can remember and one of my sisters had phoned on the day.  Of course i was still in sydney but I wonder did they sense a shift in my conciousness.  A few days ago I wrote a chatty letter to my mother and was surprised that I actually felt 'unresentful' and quite warm.  Hmmm? 

I use your Peaceful Place CD very regularly. If I have trouble sleeping I have it there to grab and yes i know I should be using it to meditate with but it also helps me nod off. I am a nurse and work shift work so it's been invaluable to me. Helps me get back on track.
Thank You for all your advice and help it really helps me get through some stressful times.

I got more from the 2 day Life Skills Seminar than I expected, as those two days were the only time I had alone with Les.  It was a very special weekend and one that I will never forget.  Apart from being able to spend quality time with my father-in-law, I also picked up study skills that have helped me complete a course of study which I had been putting off, and I graduated with a B+ average.  I am very proud of this accomplishment as I almost quit twice.  Once when my husband was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  And again when Les was diagnosed with the brain tumor.
My husband and I have since taken the lesson learned from Les (live your dreams and have no regrets) and immigrated to USA.  It was a long and arduous process, but one that we navigated successfully due in large part to the skills learned in your seminar.  When I would start to feel overwhelmed by the immigration process I would go to my PP (which is a cabin in the snow) and calm down right away.  I was then able to think more clearly and complete the task at hand confidently.  Going to my PP also kept our dream in the forefront of my mind.  We wanted to move to America to live closer to nature in the mountains and the snow.  For over a year now we have lived in a little red barn in a very rural part of USA about an hour away from the ski fields, and as I am typing this email it is a beautiful sunny day and there is around two feet of snow outside.  I think I might walk up the hill in my back yard and go sledding today!
My life is a dream.  Kindest regards
  V.P. USA 


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