An International Rebirth Part 1


"The Secret", new proven science and new words have given a rebirth to “change your life for the better”. New people are showing how to “deliberately use the subconscious mind” claiming that only now we have the tools to do it. I have been teaching precisely this since 1989.

I’m excited! The self development world is excited by the amount of information coming out to the world. This new information is emphasising the power humans have to influence their own lives using the subconscious mind.  And science has proved it all!

Habits and Behaviours and our Genes

The jury is no longer out - our behaviours are affected by our genes.  We can change our behaviour and habits and this can cause a corresponding change in our genes.  We can change our genes!

Let's take it further.  Consistently repeated experiences write the genetic code of any species.  Science has now proven that the strongest experiences (new memories) change genes and these are passed on and become the starting point for new generations to follow.  The body encodes what it has learned from the environment!

There is no doubt that the success of the book and DVD "The Secret" has caused a resurgence of interest throughout the world.  The multiplier effect has taken place through dozens of books, seminars and videos mostly designed to give "The Secret" some substance with how to put the "Law of Attraction" to work.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI)

Together with this phenomenon sweeping the world has come the delving into the science of the brain and mind - the field of neuroscience - at ever deeper levels. Much of the proof has been forthcoming from photographing the process inside the brain with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) – a truly fantastic advancement!

A number of people, personal development leaders in the world, are hailing newly discovered science as "new breakthroughs"  (particularly since the new millennium), that allow new systems to be used to enhance our wellbeing.  Words like "Never before have we been able to ....... "  or  "Now we know how to .............".

It is far more accurate to say "Now we have conclusive proof of ........."  or  "The science of change has been photographed within the brain"  or  "The process of change using the subconscious mind is scientifically proven".

Changes in Language and Expression

Even though I have written a number of articles over the years showing how science has supported and proven the techniques I teach, I am delighted to announce that there is to be no change in what I teach.  That's right!  I have been teaching about how to use the subconscious mind deliberately to enhance our lives or to make life easier or to create desired change since 1989. This was based on the CALM Life Skills Seminar (now on DVD) and the Creating Happiness Intentionally Seminar which is about Life’s Purpose the next one being from 2 – 6 Feb 2011. These seminars have always been based on the latest science of the mind at the time and now recent science has proven the techniques even more.

Are there any changes?  Yes, in the language and expression.  As the field of neuro-science proves or discovers some new component of brain/mind science so there are new words.  Take for instance the word "psycho-neuro-immunology" (the ability, when in the Theta brainwave state, using visualisation and guided imagery, to enhance our immune system, particularly with an increase in the fighting T4 cells).  The use of this word was first coined in 1996 and Andrew, my son, was using it to save his leg from amputation back in 1982.  I have been teaching this meditation since 1990.

Some Fantastic References

I have recently pursued further my favourite hobby - the science of the mind - and have spent considerable time delving deeper.  In the past I have spoken about and have written in Mind Matters News Reports about the work of Dr Joe Dispenza ("Evolve Your Brain") and Dr Norman Doidge ("The Brain that Changes Itself").  Recently I have been studying the work of the Australian Professor Elizabeth Blackburn (2009 Nobel Prize winner), "The Human Brain" (photographing the formation of neural pathways) narrated by Professor Robert Winston (from the UK), and presentations by Dr Bruce Lipton and John Assaraf.  Both these latter American gentlemen give very impressive and compelling presentations about using the Power of the Subconscious Mind Deliberately and "Winning the Inner Game".  They're excellent - and they use a lot of "hype" (I sometimes like “hype”!)  Their presentations are characterised by talk of the use of new science and correspondingly the use of new words.

Assaraf in describing the process for internal change says "Once a new idea, belief or habit is impressed and emotionalised into the subconscious mind, then perceptions, thoughts and behaviours automatically change and cause you to produce the desired result."  Furthermore, Assaraf says that using the new science you first create a powerful vision for your goal, secondly you choose powerful beliefs and habits to support your new vision and thirdly begin a daily program to change your goal, self image and confidence levels.  He suggests that you do this for 30, 60 or 90 days when you will start to feel the effects of the new habits with new behaviour.

Can you Rewire your Brain?

You definitely can rewire your brain and reprogram your thinking.  It is your brain that causes you to think and feel and take action (or not take action) based on your beliefs and habits in your brain. It makes sure that you are 100% of what is inside your brain and that this matches what is outside you, ie. your results in the world. 

Here's more: what is in your brain ensures that you never achieve more than what your internal self image and habits are.

You and you alone can change your fears, your behaviour, your health, your relationships, your physique, your finances, by working on the inside first.  Remember, it does not happen overnight.  I believe that with a combination of both goals (5 minutes a day) and meditation (say 20 minutes a day) you can "move mountains" and achieve in 30 days.

On this topic "An International Rebirth" Part 2 is coming

There is too much for one Mind Matters News so I am going to go on in Part 2 with discussing some of the new words and science:

1. Brain Plasticity
2. Conscious, subconscious, unconscious and super-conscious
3. Explicit and Implicit beliefs and habits
4. The process to rewire your brain
5. Psycho-cybernetics
6. The joys of the “synthetic experience”
7. Emotion
8. We don’t see with our eyes
9. The pre-frontal cortex

So Sandy, if it was easy to find the time then everybody would do it. It is the best habit you can ever develop and you would kiss goodbye to uncontrollable stress and say hello to good health. It does take at least 30 days before habits can change. 

I have a one-day course, instantly downloadable, discounting it by of $200 plus a bonus of any meditation you choose.  The total cost for you is just $97 (originally $297)- just tell me in the Comments section what number meditation you want when you order.  Check it out and buy it here - it will be available until 2nd January 2011.

I love the statement "Your gift from God was your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."

All best wishes, seasons greetings and happy holidays,
Sandy MacGregor
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Success Stories  

I still use my Peaceful Place and find it really helpful especially when the worries or stress of life becomes too much. I especially enjoy your monthly Mind Matters News Reports - so lovely and calming and these give me something up-to-date to send any friend who may be interested in learning your Life Skills, this happens occasionally. I always use your CDs when I meditate, they are GREAT!! just so valuable to me. I know I must not become stressed as every time this happens the words I want to say flash away from my mind. If I then go to my PP and calm myself down everything I need to say returns. I can honestly say you have the best Seminar and teachings I have ever learnt they have given me an understanding of how my mind works and an understanding of its behaviour wanting to get me back where I was before, stressed and worried. I can now see what it is up to! If my mind wins again for a while I will soon correct it by meditating and telling myself how my mind is sabotaging me. All the best for the wonderful work you do. And THANK YOU!! C.W. NSW

I would like to send my sincere thanks to you – after the seminar I was calm and happy.  Shortly after though I was aware I had some agitation and upset coming up, so immediately listened to a couple of the meditation CDs and eventually some answers came to me. My mother was ashamed of her pregnancy with me, she resented being pregnant late in life, she resented my father and her life hugely.  I felt responsible for my mother's unhappiness and left home as soon as I could at 16 to give her a freedom so she could leave my Dad.
I am a very positive person and genuinely happy and grateful for my life - I am resilient too.   However, I have noticed how sometimes things seem really hard to do, and how I sabotage myself quite regularly!  I have constantly been reading self help books and going to seminars, workshops for the past 5 years to peel away the layers and I always learn something.
I have just discovered that the sluggish, push up hill and hopelessness I sometimes feel is actually resentment!  Subconsciously I have resented so much in my life I cannot believe how much, no wonder I have been tripping myself up!
They say when the subject is ready the teacher arrives!  Certainly did for me.  Thanks. MM QLD
The goals that a CHI "Graduate" set, during CHI, keep on being reached:
I wanted to let you know another of my stories had been published - it was a commissioned story by the Victorian Emerging Writers Festival which puts out a publication once a year. 
I am now working on what I hope will be the final draft of my completed novel after my mentor went through it with a fine tooth comb as part of her assessment. That will keep me busy over the next month or so then in February I start looking for an agent. I keep using my Peaceful Place to manifest a successful and positive outcome. I use it every day before I start writing and every day that I write I start off listening to my most treasured CD, No 1 Instrumental. I used my previous copy so much I wore it out and had to buy a new one! It always takes me back, just for a moment, to the wonderful times I spent in CHI.  PS, TAS



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