Procrastination! Are You Majoring In The Minors?


Many, many years ago a wise and successful business leader said to a friend of mine - "You have great potential, but the problem hindering your progress and development is that you spend far too much of your time majoring in minors."

To which most of us would say, (perhaps under our breath) "rubbish."

However, as time progresses we look differently at advice that we have been given!

So - What are the Minors?
Well, here's a short list I have come across:-
Wasting time by talking about and worrying about those things over which you have no control or cannot do anything about.
Doing 'things' that someone else is better able to do, and in many cases, able to do even better.
Blaming others for being the cause of perceived problems.
Not having systems in place to handle the myriad of challenges that arise each day.
Managing by crisis (including self).
Focusing too much on the desired results, and not enough on the processes that will achieve the desired result.
Failing to spend even 15 minutes a day, on any self-development program.
Spending all day 'doing', and very little on 'thinking'. The biggest mistakes mostly occur as the consequence of action without thought.
Doing things at the expense of others, rather than for the benefit of others.
Not realising that success in the home, precedes all other success.
Failing to set daily performance standards and the absence of daily goals (and longer term goals).
Actions that are based on moods, feelings and circumstances, rather than self-chosen values. (Purpose and goal statements)
Not saying 'NO' to the unimportant, no matter how urgent, but instead saying 'YES' to the important like these:-
    Values Clarification
    Relationship Building
Permitting another person's attitude to determine your response. ie. not valuing different opinions, viewpoints and perspectives of others when seeking solutions.
Now, I'm sure you could add to this list, and I'm equally sure that most of us are a little guilty of some of these... occasionally.

These wise words from Dale Carnegie are worth considering ....

"Everyone is a fool for at least 5 minutes each day. Wisdom consists in not exceeding that."

"Any fool can condemn, complain and criticise - and most fools do."


I am sure you will recognize many of the above points as procrastination. If it is an issue with you then read the  MIND Matters News Overcoming Procrastination
How can we change the habit of procrastination?
If it's the actual habit of general procrastination you wish to change then use the same way as described in the Mind Matters News Report just mentioned above - by putting the new goal into the subconscious mind - expanding it. A new goal for changing the habit of procrastination could be: "I enjoy the process of setting and achieving goals by deliberately expanding my comfort zone".
Once you have that goal in your subconscious mind you will not procrastinate any more. Will you remember that you used to be a procrastinator? Of course! Just like an ex-smoker remembers they were once a smoker. However, you will have over-layed the old habit with the new habit in your subconscious so that the newer habit, the new neural pathway, will come up first.
Easy isn't it? As an exercise, create the mental picture of walking in life towards something you want. That is, 12% of the conscious mind is going towards what you want.  However, 88% of the subconscious mind is sabotaging you because it hasn't got it yet, so it's pulling you back. Which one wins? The subconscious 88% of course. Now continue with the CALM methods and expand the subconscious with the new goal.  Now what you have is 88% as well as 12% working towards whatever it is you want - and that's when you get it faster!  This is what I really want you to develop.
The best way of learning how to do goals is by Doing the 2 Day CALM Life Skills Seminar on DVDs and CD - and a good start is to read the book "Piece of Mind" or the Instantly Available Download Version
So, just do goals and remember the job of the subconscious is to keep you where you are now. The job of the conscious mind is to put into the subconscious whatever you wish to achieve.
All the best

"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it." 
PS.  Some short new Videos I have put on Youtube – Please leave a comment and tell others:
Infinite Joy in Peaceful Place – it is absolutely beautiful scenery and music.  
Can you really do that with your mind? – this video is an extract from the Students Seminar. In front of your own eyes you can see the power of your mind at work - you can expand the cells in your body. You have control over your cells and you can witness your fingers stretching and growing for a short while (at least)!
Success Stories
Story from C.J. NSW
I use Mind Charting at work to design computer courses. I found that I get the work done much more quickly withless procrastination and that it was much easier to do. I put down ideas not in chronological order but as they come to me. Colleagues looking over my shoulder tell me to "get on with real work!" but they too have noticed an improvement in my creativity and productivity.
Story from K.L. Vic
My sales have tripled since using Alpha.  Whilst walking from door to door I have a great positive mental attitude (instead of procrastinating) that I like the person I’m about to meet, that they like me, and that I see a successful sale taking place.  It works.
Story from ?.?. (withheld) - WA
My productivity has gone way up.  I use my Peaceful Place in between seeing each patient (I’m a doctor).  When I’m dictating letters procrasinatation is a thing of the past. I also use it when I need to switch focus quickly.   It’s really made a big difference to my day.


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