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Once again I have looked through the many Newsletters I sent out by snail-mail before emails really took off and still feel there are too many words of wisdom not to be recycled. So again I offer you an edited version of a Newsletter – probably sent to only about 100 people – about 12 or so years ago.

Some time ago Mike Cotter interviewed Reg Wells, who was having a tough time and had to borrow money to attend Sandy MacGregor’s  seminar in Perth at the time.

A short time after the seminar he sent a note to Sandy which in part said:
“My business has absolutely rocketed over the past 3 months since doing your seminar.”
Reg became a highly successful Financial Planner and since that seminar, it became a case of success upon success for Reg.
Mike’s lengthy interview with Reg was fascinating and here are a few interesting points:-
1.  Over the years he had been to a host of seminars, including Anthony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, John Keogh, Bob Proctor - all of which he found enjoyable but not life-changing. 
2.  In his words: “I went to a ‘promo’ of Sandy’s CALM Life Skills Seminar (available on CDs, DVDs plus a Workbook) and I liked his ‘laid back style’ without the “Rah Rah”. I thought, why not go, I’m broke, what have I got to lose. As I look back on it now I’d hate to think where I’d be today, had I not gone.
3.  Sandy’s seminar pulled it all together for me, and because he limits the number of seminar participants, you feel involved and you soon learn you’re dealing with a genuine guy with a real life-improving and life-changing message. For me it was the weekend that turned my life around.”
Mike asked Reg
Of all the things he got out of Sandy’s seminar, what 3 things had the biggest impact on his phenomenal rise from the ashes?
First would be the system I learned for tapping into my own creativity.
Second would be the simple exercises for getting my left and right brain constantly communicating with each other. Whole brain learning I think it’s called.
Third is Sandy’s fantastic method that enables you to achieve your goals up to 8 times faster. And I’m living proof that this works.”
Reg is also a marathon runner, and he used the same methods to significantly improve his times. So whatever your sporting activity is, you can also look forward to improved performance.
Reg attributes his success to the daily practice of the techniques he learnt from attending Sandy MacGregor’s Seminar.
Two specific things (from the seminar) he does at the start of each day
The first one is a simple exercise for around 60-120 seconds that switches on his left and right brain, which he says “makes me feel more confident, more creative and gives me an energy lift.”
Whilst what Reg says is fact, the medical/scientific reason for doing this is that for memory to be enhanced, scientists have proven that Left/Right brain communication take place.
The left side of the brain is commonly referred to as the ‘analytical’ and the right side the ‘creative’. (Much of what we know about these two sides stems from the work of 1981 Nobel Prize winner, Dr Roger Sperry, the great neuropsychologist and neuro-biologist in USA.)
One important thing to know is that the ‘creative’ side works 40 to 400 times faster than the ‘analytical’ side, and in each of us, one side is usually dominant.
Hence the excitement builds when you realise that accelerated learning comes ... when you can get both sides working together as a team.
How? It’s easy!
You just do certain exercises as prescribed by a certified Kinesiologist. (Kinesiology means the study of motion, in particular the study of how muscles act and co-ordinate the body.)
One such exercise designed to integrate the brain is called the ‘lazy-eight.’ This activity trains your brain to switch between left and right sides easily.
It’s a simple and fantastic way to start each day, and it’s also great to use if you’re feeling tired or if you want a spark of Creativity before approaching any task, such as designing, writing, inventing something or problem solving.
Stand up. Point your finger toward the wall and fix your eyes on it. Follow your finger with your eyes, without moving your head.
First draw a circle to the right, then draw one to the left. Then one to the right and one to the left again. See how your finger crosses over in the ‘middle’, and you are drawing a figure of the figure eight lying on its side. Hence the name, ‘lazy-eight.’
Always make sure you go ‘up’ across the middle of the eight. That way your energy is taken up and increased.Now start making the circle bigger and bigger. Finally, join both hands together and really swing into it. Move your whole body, swaying and rocking and bending your knees and hips.So there you have it. A 30 to 60 second exercise that’s guaranteed to Switch-On your whole brain, give you an energy lift, and spark your creativity.
All you have to do is.... do it.
Another important thing that Reg does is the 8 Step Goal System for achieving goals faster - this takes about 30 seconds for each goal.
Some more Proof
Apart from Reg’s story there’s nothing like a couple of others to back it up. Here is one for keen golfers.
There was a lady who attended Sandy’s CALM Life Skills Seminar (available on CDs, DVDs plus a Workbook), and on her return home was greeted by her father, who was on his way to play 18 holes of golf.  This lady’s father was a total sceptic about any worthwhile benefit she would receive from the seminar, but curiously inquired ”Did you learn anything that might help me on the golf course?”
She thought for a moment and then told her father about switching on the brain and the ‘lazy-eight’ exercise. Somewhat scoffingly he said “Nar, that’s not for me,” and went off to play golf.
After 12 holes his scorecard was looking terrible, and he was about to give up in disgust, when he remembered what his daughter had told him. Still believing the exercise would have no benefit, he decided to do it anyway. And this he did before each of the remaining six holes.
The result .... he birdied all six holes...!!!
And Even More Proof
And just to increase the proof even further, here’s a snippet from an interview Mike did with a wonderful lady, a people trainer:
I was training adults who had been on the dole for four years and all were pretty rough around the edges.
On one occasion I had 40 guys, all retrenched wharfies, who didn’t have the slightest interest in what I was teaching and they told me so, every single day for six months.
Then one day I decided – Right, I’m going to get them up doing the Lazy-Eight. Naturally they all grumbled and complained that they weren’t there to do exercise, but I just insisted.
WOW, you wouldn’t believe the change that came over these 40 guys, it really got them switched on, and the mood change was just sensational.
And after a while I asked them to look around the room at each other, because 40 grim faces had turned into 40 smiling faces. It was amazing!
So, I hope those stories are enough to inspire you to do the Lazy-Eight two or three times a day, especially at times of irritation, frustration or a mental block. Do it, and you’ll be amazed at the results.
All the best

"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."
Success Stories
My Most Profitable Risk
Just a few lines to say thank you for all the information and skills you equipped me with at the CALM Life Skills Seminar [some time ago]- it was fantastic! I feel so excited knowing the difference that using the skills will continue to have in my life.
I just wanted to take a few lines to summarise what I have already gained, simply by using the suggestions and skills you give in your book Students Steps to Success also (Instant download now available). Just 10 days before my second year Psychology exams, a friend lent me a copy of this book; it appealed to me greatly as I was fast running out of time to study for these exams. My study required the reading of two 100,000 word Psychology text books - it seemed impossible to achieve this and learn the material. I skimmed your book and was immediately drawn to the chapter on ‘speed reading’. However, with such little time left till exams and my scepticism about whether I could actually learn speed reading in time for my rapidly approaching exams, I wasn’t sure it was worth the risk of trying your methods. Well, all I can say is that it was the most profitable risk I have ever taken. I spent no more than one hour actually practising the techniques before I ‘tested’ myself by reading a Psychology Journal article. It took me less than a minute to read the article. However, still sceptical of whether I had actually taken in what I had read, I decided to write out all the points I remembered, and to my delight and surprise I had missed only one important point!
The following night my husband gave me a four page article about a caving trip he was planning to take. After reading the article in less than 90 seconds, I handed it back to him. He thought I hadn’t bothered to read it and must not be interested. Can you imagine his surprise when I proceeded to tell him every detail in the article!
Well, by now I was convinced that the techniques in your book work, and work well. In just three days I completed reading and studying the required text books. I practised going to my Peaceful Place and while I was there decided to imagine myself in the exam. I visualised myself sitting in the exam room feeling peaceful and confident and knowing the answers. Well it worked!!!! I actually enjoyed the exams and felt totally confident throughout the exams (with a little help from the odd visit to my PP). However, when I met with my friends following the exams I was a bit shocked to find that most of them had found the exams difficult and very stressful. My confidence started to take a dip. Five long weeks later I finally received my exam results, and to my delight I achieved Distinctions for both exams. While I had put in a really hard three days studying, I had previously taken at least three weeks to cover the same amount of material - I was totally delighted!!!
Again, thank you so much for passing on all the information you did at the seminar. I just can’t wait to see the results as I continue to practise what I have learned.  T.H. NSW
PAIN? - but I hardly felt it
Firstly, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for enabling me to attend your two day seminar. It was without a doubt the best I have attended and as I have owned Piece of Mind  also(Instant download now available) for some years, it was great for me to have these ideas reinforced by practice.
I felt that I understood the Emotional Anchor much better, as I had been unsure about this before. I also had an opportunity to look around the outside of my Peaceful Place. Prior to the seminar, I had always gone straight into my PP without looking around. Now I enjoy the 360 degree view, when I have time!
One of the things that really impressed me was your honesty and warmth, and you spoke in a manner that was uncomplicated, and easy to follow. As a teacher I am often a little critical of the presentation styles of others. You scored a 10/10!
Last year I was invited to speak publicly about my experiences in teaching relaxation to school children. I was very honoured and was quick to acknowledge that my inspiration came from your book Piece of Mind.
When I started school on the Monday morning (after a 2 week holiday) I was brimming with enthusiasm and wanted to tell my colleagues about my wonderful weekend seminar. I was bursting to tell them about being “hooked” up to the electroencephalograph and the way it showed that I could access the alpha state very rapidly. I was really excited about meeting my class, as I had a much more positive outlook, although others tell me that I’m a very positive teacher anyway!
On Thursday of the same week my life took a dramatic turn, as I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. I’m now at home recuperating from an operation and awaiting radiotherapy. I wouldn’t be honest if  I said that I wasn’t shocked. However, while I went through 4¼ hours of gruelling tests to confirm the diagnosis, I thought of the anecdote that you told us about the woman who had needle biopsies.
When I was subjected to the needle biopsy, with the “cast of thousands” in the room with me, I thought “Well, here you go, use your PP.” I closed my eyes, even though I was invited to watch the screen. I took some deep breaths and went to my PP. I could hear people telling me that it would be painful, but I hardly felt a thing. Releasing Hurt CD  also (Instant download now available). Afterwards, the woman who performed the biopsy said “Were you o ff on a desert island?” I explained a little and she replied she could tell.
Before I underwent the bone scans, blood test and X-rays I used my PP. I continued to teach for 4 days, and my colleagues were shocked, and remarked on my really positive outlook. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t afford a negative thought and that I would cross a bridge only if I had to.
I continued to go to my PP and into a ‘Healing room” and use your Healing CD  also (Instant download now available). On the day after the operation the surgeon said to me “You should have the biggest smile on your face.
The tumour was 0.85cm, not 1.2cm as the ultra-sound showed. The lymph nodes are clear.”
Of course I have some down moments, but I am fairly at peace with myself. The CDs have been so helpful. Sandy, I am so grateful that I could be at the seminar. If my journey so far would encourage anyone else, please use it, just as I used the story of the woman and the needle biopsy. Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation.  A.C.  SA


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