Mastering Abundance and Prosperity Mindset Part 2


One of the most fantastic pieces of scientific research (reported on in Dr Joe Dispenza’s book Evolve Your Brain) is not only that cells which “Fire together will wire together” but the opposite, being – “if cells are not fired they drop away”.

Mind Ability and Research 

This means that if the brain is being focussed on building new neural pathways of abundance and prosperity then gradually those neural pathways which are the negative habits – fears, doubts etc, that are not being fired – will lose their strength and eventually drop away. This means the old negative habit is no longer in control and the new positive habits have taken over. So your inner subconscious reality is now the same as your conscious reality – together they work towards achieving your goal.

A good statement is “Energy Flows Where Energy Goes” – it is particularly apt when working with goals which include dropping negative habits. Have you heard that “a habit is when the body has taken over from the mind”. Think about it for a moment! You never “think about carrying out a habit – you just do it!” Your body is doing it automatically with no thought involved. If your thoughts are “I am not worthy or don’t deserve prosperity” then your body will immediately carry out acts that will sabotage prosperity no matter if your conscious goal contains the words “I deserve prosperity”. You see, your subconscious mind hasn’t got the the new goal yet – the neural pathway has not yet been formed; thus the subconscious sabotage – action by the body – takes over.

The Power of Attention

Wikipedia explains Hebbian Learning  as "associative learning", in which simultaneous activation of cells leads to pronounced increases in synaptic strength between those cells. Hebbian theory is a scientific theory in biological neuroscience (synaptic plasticity) which explains the adaptation of neurons in the brain during the learning process.

Said more simply by John Assaraf “your attention plays a large role in directing the flow of energy and information in your brain. And as energy flows where your attention habitually goes, the synaptic connections energized by your habitual attention eventually become more or less chemically hardwired into your neural networks.”

The Power of Attention (what we say, how we act, how we emotionalise, our self talk, what we think, what we visualise) is paramount. Remember Earl Nightingale – The Dean Of Personal Development? He stated in his book “You become what you think about most.”

The Correct Vision is Paramount

 “Financial Wealth” has gradually been altered to “abundance and prosperity”.  After all if you are abundant in things such as health, love, relationships, money, happiness and more, then it means you have enough and don’t need any more.

The correct vision helps you to stay focused and positive. Here are some questions to answer (there are no correct answers) to help you find the right vision and to help identify mental blocks:

What brings you the most joy, fulfilment and freedom?
If you had all the time and money you could want and had no fear, what would you do?
What significant contribution do you offer?
What does abundance and prosperity mean to you?
Why do you want abundance and prosperity?
What will abundance and prosperity do for you?
Are you abundant and prosperous within yourself?
Do you deserve abundance and prosperity?
Do you or can you see yourself as abundant and prosperous?

The CHI Seminar And More On Life Purpose

The “Creating Happiness Intentionally” – CHI – is a “live in” Seminar held over 5 days and 4 nights. One of the main purposes is to create, and know it’s right for you, a Life’s Purpose Statement. It is all allied with Abundance and Prosperity and when you consider everything that is important in your life (including blocks and your own life traumas) it can not be done satisfactorily in under 5 days. This MMN deals with a part of it – namely Abundance and Prosperity, however there is always some crossover. After all, as the Cheshire cat says to Alice as she asks for directions in Wonderland, ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there’. It is essential to know where you’re headed otherwise how will you know when you get there? Hence a Vision or A Life Purpose Statement.

John Assaraf works in the Personal Development field and talks about “Vision” this way: “Many ‘successful’ people still feel empty. They have the outer riches, but not the inner ones.

The movie, ‘Bedazzled’, comically illustrates this point when the main character repeatedly receives his wildest wishes, but he still feels frustrated and disappointed. This is our inner child speaking: a tiny little ego shaped by cultural norms and childhood fantasies.

Heart desires, on the other hand, express our deepest truths and passions. They express a fervour so powerful and invigorating that their fulfilment becomes more a matter of glorious obsession rather than ‘work’ or ‘striving.’

In fact, it’s the profound emotional weight and meaning of such a vision that can transform us in the NOW, making us happy NOW rather than hoping we’ll become happy when we reach that elusive ‘financial success’ we believe will finally make us happy.”

If You Desire To Change Your Financial Paradigm

Then you may need to:
Make decisions about yourself, your business and your finances,
Clearly define your goals,
Observe your thoughts, habits and beliefs at all times when awake,
Keep notes about things not serving you,
Replace negative neural pathways with ones that serve you,
Consciously focus on positive empowering thoughts,
Resolve to change your conscious and subconscious negativity.

What Must You Do To Achieve Success

The great thing about this is that you have some assistance. Science itself has overwhelming proof that you can rewire your brain. This means you can, with specific methods which will be shown in two CDs or downloads, build and strengthen neural pathways which control all your financial decisions and executive thinking. Both your conscious and subconscious mind will be on the same track. You will increase your Financial Self Image which may have been holding you back (you can never outperform it).  Here is a list of “musts”:

*         What will achieving your Prosperity and Abundance Goals do for you? You can achieve these goals using the 8 step goal system which includes building and using your Emotional Anchor.  You move from just “setting the goal” to building a neural pathway which helps you to achieve your goals. You plant the goal within the subconscious mind and this builds a neural pathway. You can do this because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. All this is done whilst you are in the stress releasing brain wave state of Alpha.

*         Use visualization to your advantage by imagining yourself (using your 5 senses and self-talk) living the life you deserve and care to live – stress-free and financially abundant.

*         Retrain your brain to rid yourself of neural pathways that hold you back (your behaviours, limiting beliefs and negative habits) and cultivate new neural pathways that increase Prosperity and Abundance.

*         You banish self-doubt and step into your strength.

*         When will your habits stop working against you? When you have new habits, through constructing new neural pathways in your mind. With repetition, visualization, self-talk and emotion – all applied in the alpha and theta brainwave states you achieve this. When your conscious mind is aligned with (on track with) your subconscious mind, you attract the success you deserve.

Some Spiritual Aspects To Think About

There is enough for all – so an attitude of gratitude is in harmony with  infinite supply. Thanking Spirit, the Universe, God or whoever you thank for the abundance in your life, for your experiences and the people in your life is a great start.

With the act of letting go your blocks, negative habits or limiting beliefs you make space not only to receive but the joyful act of giving is a corollary.

We have many challenges in life. Why are they sent to us? To learn from – these awarenesses are “lessons for our soul”. So don’t fight or become a victim of your life’s challenges – a great attitude is to embrace them while you learn from them. You can go through them.

John Roger – a Spiritual Teacher and founder of says “When you go out in the world to ‘get’ things, you are operating from lack. You are saying ‘I don’t have this within me, so I have to find someone to give it to me’. If you know that you are the source, you would not operate from lack”.

So, whilst attitude, Life Purpose and goals are all important on your journey towards Abundance and Prosperity, remember, for whatever wealth goals you are setting yourself you add the words ‘for the Highest Good of all concerned’. Once again it is a Spiritual concept which is self explanatory.

All the best


"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."

PS The Wealth Pack (including explanation, goals and meditations) is available to buy from the CALM Shop both as a download and also as two CDs.

The Next Seminar is Creating Happiness Intentionally. 

BALI CHI Seminar. If you know your Life's Purpose and you work towards it, being GOAL directed, then you will only have success in Creating Happiness for yourself. Have a look at, do the exercises, read the testimonials and then book for the next one in Bali or in Sydney. Remember for repeaters it is half price!

Success Stories

Thankyou so much for the wonderful seminar- my husband went to the doctor for his blood pressure check up the next week and  the reading was 130 over 80 down from 160 over 95.
That's proof positive although he tells me he told his body it was 120 over 80 - just a bit of fine tuning on his behalf. But once again THANKYOU. We look forward to seeing you at another seminar. S.B.  Tas.

Sandy, a big thank you for the skills you have given me. I am now able to release tension and stress whenever I feel like it.  B.C.  S.A.


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