Stress - Will it Ever be Under Control?


Constant stress, fear, anger and negative thoughts take their toll on your mind, your body and those around you. You know that! Do you use the skills to handle it? The Fix ....

 The Fix - Understand the Science of the Mind, Relaxation in 30 seconds or less (that is, use Peaceful Place [PP]) and Active Meditation. If you already have the skill of using PP and meditation – then please use it - or re fresh yourself in using the techniques.  And if you don’t – then make a resolve to make it part of your life.  

I could sign off right now …. as that is my main message.  The benefits of using these skills are many. The good effects are cumulative – the more you do it, the more relaxed you feel.

Some Good Advice

Be aware of what triggers stress for you, or what patterns you fall into and devise ways to avoid these.  Work out what it is that is REALLY bothering you and ask yourself some questions. Does it really matter?  Will it matter in another hour?  In another week ?  Year?   How much control over the situation do you have?   For example, you can’t control the weather or somebody else’s bad driving.  Learn how to respond instead of react.  Focus on the good things in life and feel gratitude for the good things you have. 

Don’t turn molehills into mountains – in other words, don’t dramatise and over catastrophise and don’t broadcast your problem to all and sundry.  Think it through for yourself first and visualise yourself handling the situation calmly and easily.  Use peaceful music if that helps, or perhaps read something inspirational. And then if you need to, discuss it with one trusted friend. 

Do the obvious things such as making sure you are eating healthily and getting enough sleep and exercise. Use every opportunity to engage in laughter – hire a comedy DVD if this helps, or join a laughter club.

How One Can Gain By Being Persistent

Two frogs fell into a bucket of cream.  The first frog, seeing that there was no way to get any footing in the white fluid, accepted his fate and drowned.  The second frog didn’t like this approach.  He thrashed around and did whatever he could to stay afloat.  Soon his churning turned the cream into butter, and he was able to jump out.  How persistent are you with PP or Active Meditation?

What More To Do

So remember to create balance in your life – especially between work and leisure. Consider attending the CHI Seminar. Take a few deep breaths, be kind to yourself and take one step at a time.

All the best,


"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."

The Next Seminar is Creating Happiness Intentionally. 

BALI CHI Seminar, June 22nd - 29th, 2013 - you can get there and back for less than $800 with AirAsia. If you know your Life's Purpose and you work towards it, being GOAL directed, then you will only have success in Creating Happiness for yourself and that means "balance" too. Have a look at, do the exercises, read the testimonials and then book for the next one which is from June 22nd - 29th, 2013 in a gorgeous retreat in Bali; and then in Sydney August 21st - 25th, 2013. Remember for repeaters it is half price!

Success Stories

Since completing Sandy’s Seminar, I have made a ‘career move’.  I am no longer the harassed mother at the supermarket, come on you’ve all seen me!  I am now the assertive, positive listener, creating a happy environment.  My new career has taken on a new dimension, I am the 'Supermum' I want to be, not the one society expects me to be.  I am responding to my inner needs and expectations not society’s – mine are realistic goals set by me – I can only succeed,
        Primarily, we teach by our actions, not words; by using the relaxation methods I am enrichening my life and my children’s.  I have come to realise how powerful positive parenting can be.  My goal was so high it wasn’t immediately evident.  I didn’t even think I had one, but it was sitting there waiting for me to grow into it.  With the help of Sandy’s Seminar I have made my first step towards that goal by helping my children be at peace with themselves and each other.  Imagine if we could create a generation, a world, to become at peace with themselves and each other, (which we are all capable of) – now that’s an incredibly powerful thought.
        My latest emotion of joy was locked into my subconscious when my 3 year old son said: ‘Mummy, I like you!’  I felt a great peace spread through me; suddenly I knew I already had what I was looking for and with a new-found positive approach I could really start to enjoy it.   J.T  NSW

I had a really stressful day at work recently – upsetting phone calls and interruptions and I had a report to get out.  I remembered my Peaceful Place.  Fantastic!  It worked like magic.  Focused concentration immediately and I easily handled four more annoying phone calls, each in 30 seconds.  My work performance had increased.  M.S.  NSW


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