Is It Brain Overload?


Ever feel as though your head is about to burst with information overload. Your poor, tired, overworked brain needs some help.

Talk about the information age !  We are completely inundated.  Life is moving at such a fast pace …. And the main culprit seems to be our computers and “devices”, keeping us “connected” at all times.  We can feel mentally exhausted before the day is over.  In days long gone, the amount of information coming to us was just a fraction of what it now is … and at a slower pace. In fact the Department of Education in 1992 said - "The amount of information available in the world doubles every 2½ years." Below are some more findings which are really relevant.

Classroom 2000 Considerations

In my book Student Steps to Success published in 1994 I summarised some Classroom 2000 Considerations which were put forward by the Department of Education, Science and Technology in an in-service course in 1992:

*  80% of children in Year 5 in the year 2000 will enter careers that don’t exist now, involving technology that hasn’t yet been invented.

* Employees will change professions, not just jobs, 4 or 5 times during their working lifetime.

* Today, engineers find half their knowledge is obsolete in 5 years.

* Graduates will have been exposed in the year 2000 to more information than their grandparents were in a lifetime.

* 90% of information and knowledge required in the year 2000 has yet to be invented.

* By 2000 service jobs will form 90% of the economy.

Do You Think That Your Brain Is Overwhelmed?

We may think our brains are becoming overwhelmed.  Do you find yourself becoming forgetful?  Having difficulty focusing?  Flitting from one thing to another before the first is completed?  And how tired are you feeling by the time you maybe get a chance to sit down after dinner?  I have seen the comment made that switching tasks lowers your IQ by 10 points  …. That’s quite scary. (I am not sure that I quite believe that) On the other hand I have recently been able to observe my 2 year old granddaughter learning and completely understanding two completely different languages. Could the brain absorb 4 different languages at a young age? Is the brain really overwhelmed or is that how we feel? What do you think?

Information is required Instantly

Many years ago now I vowed not to get a mobile phone.  Of course that ultimately became impossible and in fact since I have been project managing the building of our new Granny Flat, I have come to understand that all the trades-people we are in contact with, more or less run their business from their cars, the café, my place …. Anywhere. Web access is essential, for example kitchen and bathroom measurements of ovens or hand basins are required instantly. “Have you got them Sandy? Never mind what’s the make and model?” And immediately the Tradie has a picture with dimensions on his Smart Phone. We can’t do without the Web today!

So How Do We Help Ourselves?

Searching for something on the web can become like a maze.  You look up something and it triggers another thing which leads you down a different path and so on ad infinitum … if you allow it to.  It is essential to set yourself limits when it comes to checking your emails, facebook, the internet.  Schedule some breaks and do something different – perhaps a walk around the block, walking up the road for a coffee.  Even call a friend and have a “real” chat.  Try to remember what you liked doing before the Internet.  Go to the library, read a book, see a movie, go for a bushwalk.  Sing a song out loud; turn up the music and start dancing. At least once a month schedule an entire day with no Web, no email, no smart phone … yes, that’s right.  Pretend you’re on an isolated desert island … there is no connectivity.  Internet addiction is becoming more and more common – you are not alone.

Are you a list maker?  I have personally found that meditating on what you need to do is a wonderful way to make lists. (Use Peaceful Place Audio No 7 – Tapping Your Creativity, to start). It does help to organise all the “stuff” going on in your head.

If you have a big decision to make, or important task to complete …. A good time to do it is in the morning.

There’s an old saying and I find it really helpful to stick to this … A place for everything and everything in its place.

When you think of something you want or need to do … make an actual note to yourself or put a reminder in a place where you can’t miss it.  Otherwise a  busy mind will forget about it almost immediately.

De-clutter. When your brain is overloaded with too much input, too much information, it can lead to making bad decisions and to stress.  But you already know what to do about stress … right?  You know what I’m going to say … Yes, Peaceful Place Meditations.

Useful Sayings

I like this saying: 
When you can't see the forest for the trees, don't plant more trees.

This is pretty good too:
“You must learn from other people’s mistakes.  You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.”  Sam Levenson.

So, remember to make use of Peaceful Place and Meditation to help manage your life and destress when you want to. Have a look at my free resource page.

All the best

Sandy MacGregor

"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."

The CHI Seminar

Yes – my conducting the CHI Seminar is over. I will not be continuing to conduct the CHI Seminar, however you can experience CHI.  Should you still do the CHI? A resounding yes! I have yet to change my websites with updated information and when I do my advice is for people to download the CHI book from my website, download the relevant CDs and really peruse my Life Purpose website. It’s not quite the same as an actual seminar, I know, but the book does have all the exercises in it and I am always here to assist with queries

Success Stories

I went for my usual medical for the drivers licence and I had high blood pressure – 150 /90.
So I had to go back the next morning for another check. I was wishing I had emailed earlier and got the low down from you on lowering blood pressure mentally.
But while I was waiting I thought well I’ll just try something – it might be better than nothing.
So I went to my PP and after settling into my armchair, in my mind,  I reached over and turned a tap on the wall that regulated my blood pressure at the same time setting the gauge to 130/80 and then I turned it further to 120/80.
Now the thing is I have no idea whether this actually affected anything or not … but because I was in a rush to get to the doctor’s I thought I might have had elevated levels to start with.
When she took the pressure it was 129/79, which put an end to talk of medication for high pressureBC,  W.A.

This is a note to tell you how much I am appreciating your CDs re Peaceful Place.  The one on ‘Forgiveness’ and others too place the responsibility in our own hands to work towards making a difference to how we walk the journey.  Well doneI also must acknowledge the interesting e-mails ‘Mind Matter News’ you send from time to time eg ‘PS to Christmas greetings’ and ‘Some things Fantastic and some Informative’.  The account of the doctor about her near death or really near ‘transition’ experience was quite beautiful... It emphasises some thing that I often forget -  that we are all in perfect and loving hands! Best wishes to you and Sandra. HM, NSW. 


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