I (Sandy) got a phone call from a doctor who had attended my seminar.

I (Sandy) got a phone call from a doctor who had attended my seminar. The doctor wanted to be accompanied by her psychologist as she tested herself on the electro-encephalograph because she couldn't get to her Peaceful Place.  I anticipated that she was being sabotaged.

What was really interesting was that the electro-encephalograph showed that the lady was getting to Alpha in her Peaceful Place, but she only stayed there for about 2 seconds.  I pointed this out to her and asked her to tell me about her journey to the Peaceful Place and her actual Peaceful Place.  She described how she was carefully going up a mountain side, and then peering over the top into a secret hidden valley.  This was set in the United States, and the valley was occupied by Indians.  It was really lovely - there were buffalo, tepees, and corn growing.  She said that when she peered over the top and looked into the valley that everything had changed - the tepees weren't where they were before, the buffalos had moved, the corn had moved, and it wasn't as orderly.  Her statement to herself was "It's changed - I'm not there" and she was quite annoyed.  When you get annoyed, you're out of Alpha, and this explained why she was getting to Alpha just for a couple of seconds, and then she was totally back into Beta.  I suggested that she allow the tepees to move, to allow the buffalos to move, to allow the crops to be rotated and be in a different area, and to make that okay, because really and truly, this is nature.  She tried again, got to the top, peered over the edge, and stayed in her Peaceful Place.

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