Here's another example of sabotage, which occurred in a seminar.

Here's another example of sabotage, which occurred in a seminar.  There was a gentleman who was about 70 years old, and loved horses.  He's the original horse whisperer!  He could get on the back of any horse in half an hour, and he described himself as a horse psychologist.  Here's what happened.

You can guess where the focal point of his Peaceful Place was - in the saddle, on a horse!  When we were doing the Peaceful Place exercise, I noticed that this man opened his eyes with a startled gesture of his arms and legs.  I asked him why, and got the answer that, he was in his Peaceful Place and the horse started to gallop, and it galloped towards a 6m high barbed wire entanglement.  He didn't want the horse to get into the barbed wire, so he came out of his Peaceful Place.  I suggested that the horse could jump the wire, and he said that's not possible.  I inferred that anything is possible in Peaceful Place - people can fly to their focal point, so why shouldn't a horse grow wings and jump over the fence?  He gave it another try, and everything was fine.  I think this is just a further example of how the subconscious mind can sabotage us.  In other words, try to prevent us from getting to our Peaceful Place, and making the new habit of Peaceful Place.

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