I have been doing creative visualization for the last 5 months very seriously

I have been doing creative visualization for the last 5 months very seriously, for finding the kind of partner I would like. I started by imagining a face, which is based on my memory of a person who worked in the same organisation as I did. That's where I am having difficulty.
1. I find it difficult to visualize without him. Should I take this man as my spirtual guide? After all he is the one who leads me to experience the strong feelings of love and joy. 
2. What is the right way to visualize for ideal mate? How wrong is it to imagine a specific face? 

I would suggest that it is NOT a good idea to visualise a specific person's face .... what if you eventually came together with that "face" and all the qualities of goodness, etc... that you wanted were not present. If this face continually comes up for you then consider it to be somebody like a "Guide" and ask for them to help you for the highest good of all concerned.

If you really want to focus on an ideal partner coming to you then first of all, write down all the qualities you want in a partner, including their personality, interests, values, education, etc.... When you have this list, focus on it in your meditation and ask for this ideal person to come into your life in some way or another. When this person does come into your life then you will be able to recognise that this is a possibility of being your ideal partner, because you will recognise qualities that you have "asked for". You could do this in a meditation for a short time each day and ask for the highest good of all concerned that this person comes to you - then let it go and get on with your main meditation.

You may be helped by reading my book "Piece of Mind" (which is also available at most libraries - you can read about it on this website)

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