Here is a letter I received and my answer - I hope it sparks an interest.

Here is a letter I received and my answer - I hope it sparks an interest.

I am contacting you with one main pick your brain about getting 'life strategies/skills' material into schools as is mandatory as English, Mathematics, Geography, Economic, Business classes. 

I am a school teacher & university lecturer in Economics & Business Studies yet find myself more & more integrating 'self-help' strategies seem to come out of the 'wood-works' for this help...yet the school system is anti-help by teachers unless you are a 'counsellor' (which I find sad given the counsellors I have personally worked with use text-book theory & victim enforcing remedies to amend the kids' issues). 

Life skills that teach our kids to recognise, take charge of their own life no-matter what the circumstances, take responsibilities of / own the feelings in their body, validate their feelings then create lasting change that serves.

NOW is the time to put School / Education at the forefront of this learning. I feel there needs to be a group of similiar minded people to make this a reality by 2005.

What will it take to get your help in making this happen in becoming a reality for the kids? 

Answer: I totally agree with your sentiments.

I have been gradually working towards contributing towards a solution for what you speak about. It's based on my seminar: Students' Success Seminar, which is based on my book "Students' Steps to Success". I have had the seminar filmed and am currently editing a 2nd draft of a Video Copy of the seminar. My plan is to have not only the video copy of the seminar, but a DVD copy of the seminar, and together with my book, Students' Steps to Success Audio tapes, Accelerated Learning Music tapes and 3 more audio tapes (or CDs), will be offered as a package for Students. I intend to have a separate website for this material.

As an extension to this I hope to get teachers from schools interested in presenting this material in their personal development programs. To this end I believe that teachers will need to attend a Facilitator's Program and taught how and what to present in the classroom. I am thinking of working towards having the teachers sponsored by Corporate to these Train-the-Trainer Programs. It's been in the melting pot for some considerable time and I have worked with a number of teachers in the past. As you know, I already conduct some seminars in schools and for some students, however most students don't find it "cool" to come to seminars. The answer is to teach them in schools or they can learn the skills at home from the above package.

Here's to the future - United we stand ....

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