I find certain meetings at work difficult.

I find certain meetings at work difficult. There's one person who is really aggressive and when they 'have a go' at me, I blush and stammer and my mind goes blank. And I'm really upset for the rest of the day.

There are lots of tips for changing the dynamics in a meeting – from where you sit at the table to how you hold your body. And you know the answer to your question already I think. You have told me clearly what you don't want to happen. Now ask yourself this question: "If not this, then what? How do I want to be in this situation?" Before the meeting, go to your Peaceful Place and imagine yourself successfully handling the meeting, maybe even influencing it so that there is no aggression. By thinking of a positive future scenario you stop playing the other person's game (which is in the past) and regain personal power by taking control of your own direction. It's amazing how it works.

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