How can your techniques be used with depression?

How can your techniques be used with depression

I would always start from self talk, goals, meditation and all of this geared towards replacing the negative habits with the positive habits. I really want to emphasise the importance of self talk .  Becoming aware of precisely how we talk to ourselves is extremely important.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) ... we listen to ourselves, and we talk to ourselves 50 to 60,000 times a day.  Once we become aware of any negative talk whatsoever, we must do something about it.  It's negative self talk which affects self confidence and self esteem which can drive you down into depression.  I encourage people to start on a system of recognising self talk and changing it every time to be positive, this will help.  It seems so simple and yet it has far reaching and dramatic effects.

It is really important to work with goals because it's from the goal that motivation will develop.  You are expanding your Comfort Zone with whatever it is you want to achieve, and remember, moving towards the goal is where happiness comes from.  In addition I do believe that meditation is a very powerful tool to help overcome depression.  All these topics are covered in my two-day CALM Life Skills Seminar.

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