How can I deal with the challenge of dyslexia - do you have any products that might help?

How can I deal with the challenge of dyslexia - do you have any products that might help

The journey of dealing with dyslexia is challenging, and ultimately for those who persist in working with this challenge, the results can be fortuitous - skills developed along the journey can often end up being a great advantage in life, sometimes even careers are developed.  For instance, many artists are dyslexic.  People with dyslexia are more often those with high IQs - we just need to find out what sparks their passion.

It is important to shop around for a supportive school. Some schools and teachers are much better than others. One of my personal preferences in this area is the Steiner school system. Consulting an Educational Kinesiologist can be helpful in the area of dyslexia, especially with exercises to help with "cross-over" from the left to the right side of the brain.

Mind Charting is one of the best skills for dyslexics to learn - by using these they can learn to turn words into picture or symbol memories.  (We know of students who were at the bottom of a class and came up to the top 10% using this technique).  I think the best material I have to help is the "Students Steps to Success" book which works with using both sides of the brain, relaxation, goals, self esteem and mind charting.  Most of my information suits students 13 years old and upwards, however I do encourage parents to teach children who are younger than this.  I have tapes (or CDs) that go with this book and the tape content is suitable when modified - mainly shortened - by parents

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