Can you use your subconscious mind for multiple goals?

Can you use your subconscious mind for multiple goals

When you deliberately work at achieving goals faster by using the subconscious mind, then we really only think of one thing at a time.  So after you've reached your "Peaceful Place" and you're now through the Reticular Activating Filter, working with the subconscious mind, you say the goal, you visualise the goal, you emotionalise it and then let it go.  Now you've done one goal - which is only one topic.  Now you can go on to a 2nd goal and do the same thing. And then a 3rd and 4th, etc... You do not think of all the goals at once - you do them one after the other.  With the conscious mind we can think of up to 9 things at a time, that is for example, when you're driving a car - you can think of the car in front, the car behind, the truck on the left, the bus on the right, listening to the radio, listening to your passengers, getting directions from your spouse, reading a road sign, etc... This is the conscious mind.

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