I get so angry with myself when I recognise my negative self talk. Any suggestions?

I get so angry with myself when I recognise my negative self talk.  Any suggestions

It's always best to be kind to yourself.  Here's an analogy of how you would expand the comfort zone (subconscious mind) of a 3 year old who didn't want to learn to swim.  How do you teach the 3 year old to swim?  First of all, all your talk is encouraging and supportive.  You probably hug the 3 year old, as you walk into a swimming pool.  The first lesson might well be just experiencing the water, as you hold the child tight.  The next time you take it into the water, you probably get it to let go an arm and splash the top of the water - have a little fun.  The next time, the child is probably wearing a bubble and water wings, and you're still holding them while they see that the bubble and the wings keep them up.  The next lesson may well be letting go the hands of the child, as they realise that water is good fun.  It won't be long before the child is jumping into the pool.  All that you've done here is gradually expand the comfort zone of the child, as you give supportive, encouraging talk, congratulating them all the way.

That's the way you need to talk to yourself, so as you become aware of your negative talk, you congratulate yourself, and then you change it, saying the positive self talk, and then encourage yourself with positive self talk saying that every day, and in every way, you are getting more and more positive.

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