Story from G.E

So much has happened in the 12 months in my life when I felt everything had ground to a halt and there was no hope of anything changing.   I was trying to recover from a major depression, I weighed 12 stone, my marriage was in a bad state and I felt I had no future.

I decided to try the methods you taught even though I was a little sceptical.  The goal I set at the seminar was about releasing weight.  Now 12 months later, I’m 3 stone lighter.  As the weight began to go, I started using Alpha to get through difficult day to day situations and to relax in general.  As I became more relaxed, I was able to think more clearly about what I wanted and started to set and achieve goals.

I don’t want it to sound like the CALM seminar instantly solved all my problems.   I still battle depression on a daily basis and my marriage though much more secure and happy still has problems.  The greatest difference is that now these ‘problems’ don’t totally overwhelm me.   I feel I have the tools I need to tap into my own power and deal with things as they happen.  I can see that things can change and that I now have the power to change the way I act and feel when confronted by problems.  Instead of problems running my life, I feel in control again and therefore have a future.

I’m expecting my third child next year and am looking forward to writing and telling you about my post natal depression free pregnancy.  Thank you Sandy.

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