Story from N.J, Vic

It has only been a few weeks since I attended your seminar. I originally came along for a very different reason than I have ended up using your strategies for. My husband and I attended after friends had told us about your seminars, we hoped to set ourselves some goals that would get us over a flat time in our lives, our children have all grown and although not empty nesters as yet our focus of many years (our kids) has changed. The consequences of which were leaving us quite negative and floundering around without direction. You were able to help us with that and we are now on track with our goals.

I however decided to also use your strategies for weight release, something I had lost all faith in ever achieving.  I meditate twice a day and have changed many bad habits I have carried around for a very long time, I have also began to realise the deeper reasons for my weight problem and I am working on those also. I am feeling stronger and more in control than I have for years. Thank you for your wonderful life changing strategies.

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