Story from J.T

Since completing Sandy’s Seminar, I have made a ‘career move’.  I am no longer the harassed mother at the supermarket, come on you’ve all seen me!  I am now the assertive, positive listener, creating a happy environment.  My new career has taken on a new dimension, I am the “Supermum” I want to be, not the one society expects me to be.  I am responding to my inner needs and expectations not society’s – mine are realistic goals set by me – I can only succeed.

Primarily, we teach by our actions, not words; by using the relaxation methods I am enrichening my life and theirs.  I have come to realise how powerful positive parenting can be.  My goal was so high it wasn’t immediately evident.  I didn’t even think I had one, but it was sitting there waiting for me to grow into it.  With the help of Sandy’s Seminar I have made my first step towards that goal by helping my children be at peace with themselves and each other.  Imagine if we could create a generation, a worl d, to become at peace with themselves and each other, and we are all capable of that – now that’s an incredibly powerful thought.

My latest emotion of joy was locked into my subconscious when my 3 year old son said: ‘Mummy, I like you!’  I felt a great peace spread through me; suddenly I knew I already had what I was looking for and with new found positive approach I could really start to enjoy it.

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