Pain Release and Healing

Story from T.T, Tas

I had my first heart attack at about 8.30PM one hot Tuesday evening (would you believe that it was still 30 degrees in Hobart) just after completing my regular evening workout. I was sitting down putting on my socks when the symptoms first struck. I was alone, everybody else having left the gym, and the staff were at the other end of the complex. They were too far away to hear, and I could not raise my voice loud enough to be heard outside of the change room. I knew that the next person due in there was the cleaner, and that was not till 9.00PM. It was what happened next that makes me truly indebted to you Sandy. I went to my Peaceful Place and was able to bring down my pulse rate, control the sweating and feeling of nausea and “distanced” the pain sufficiently to allow me to get dressed and go for help. There should be no need to tell you what I did first when I was struck again some two weeks later. I’m here to tell you it works!

I look forward to catching up with you again in the not too distant future, but in the meantime I know that your support is only a tape away.

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