Peaceful Place

Story from M.G, SA

I am now enrolled in a B.A. course aiming to major in both Psychology and Philosophy. This is significant when you consider that earlier in my life I suffered from anxiety so badly, I could not recall my own name at the end of an exam.

My PP and the associated meditation has changed markedly since my initial introduction to it in 1995. Although I still retain a sense of association with the original PP, I notice that my consciousness now goes directly to what was the ‘inner sanctum’ without any visualisation of conscious association with the original PP. This involved a state in which my ‘visual sense’ seem to be repeatedly swept by a sort of sensation of a light, that I register as the ‘radiance of the universe’.

In any event, it is characterised by a continual disengagement with conscious thoughts and images. Interestingly the effect has begun to transfer to waking or conscious activities, when it is characterised by an acutely focused clarity of perception and flow of ideas. I look forward to the day when I may be able to return to you something of what I have gained from CALM.

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