CHI Seminar

Story from R.V.  NSW


What a wonderful opportunity it was to take four glorious days in a beautiful, nurturing and safe environment to ask those important questions. Yep, I'm talking the biggies. Who am I! Where do I fit in? What is my purpose in life? How do I fulfil that purpose?... to name just a few. Yet, not just ASK those questions, but be guided by a creative, well designed and prepared program to receive ANSWERS.  I felt privileged to be one of the participants in this truly exceptional seminar.

After attending CALM I wanted to explore further, and took the opportunity to attend CHI. It was nothing short of life changing, and I am now the person I pretended to be. I have a new sense of trust and confidence in myself, and the future. My energy level has dramatically increased as I live each day with a renewed vitality and sense of purpose.

Not only do I see the big picture clearly but now have a wonderful array of practical resources to prioritise, make decisions, and deal with everyday problems. These benefits have flowed through to my husband, children, family and friends. AMAZING!

The CHI seminar was absolutely worth the time and money. It was inexpensive compared to the benefits I received, especially when you consider it has been six months since I completed CHI. The glow has not dimmed, I have not forgotten or fallen back into old ways, but am going from strength to strength. I just look forward to CHI II.


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