Seminar Book and Tape Testimonies

Story from B.J, Vic

By participating in a seminar conducted by Sandy two years ago, I deliberately chose to use the power of my subconscious mind. This taught me many things about myself. It taught me that all the right tools for enhancing creativity, learning with confidence, and being very successful at study is at my fingertips, always at my command, anytime, any place. Not only have I rid myself of stress by using relaxation and meditation with guided imagery and music, but I discovered “Accelerated Learning Methods.” Surely the greatest tool for any student.

I will mention here that I am 51 years old, married, mother of three, and a full-time TAFE student — Diploma of Arts/Certificate 1V. Professional Writing & Editing. I write poetry and fiction, fiction being a novel. Balancing this lifestyle would have been quite a problem if I did not follow the guidelines so easily and clearly set out in Sandy’s book Student Steps to Success.

How does it work for me? Easily, I never start anything without the 30 second relaxation technique, then I review my goal for the moment, whether it is to study for exams, or to write a poem, or work on my novel, it doesn’t matter, the steps stay the same, I know that I will achieve my goal. It is very important to set realistic goals for yourself, then set them a little bit higher and anchor them, giving yourself a pat on the back when you succeed. And you will succeed. I have. Because Sandy teaches that. Teaches the importance of choice and belief.

In accelerated study as well as in creative writing I use Students Steps to Success and have a mental list that I follow. Here it is:

• I have a positive attitude

• I use my Peaceful Place for relaxation at all times

• I switch on my creative and analytical brain for the task at hand

• I set goals that I can realistically achieve in study and writing

• I use mind charting to save time

• I am a success, and I say it to myself, often

• I feel good about myself

This application of the CALM techniques worked for me. It will work for you. Give it a go. Sandy has a wonderful saying:

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” How very true.

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