Seminar Book and Tape Testimonies

Story from R.M, NSW

Several years ago I arrived in Australia with a mission.  Sensing that the potential of using the power of the mind to get things “happening” for oneself was one of the key areas I should work with, I read different books and tried different systems, all based on “the powers of the mind”, but after a while they all seemed too rigorous and soon bored me.  Since reading your book “Piece of Mind” and doing your “Life Skills Seminar” I’ve adopted some of the techniques you have taught me and used some of your tapes and am now in the process of making my own tapes, tailor made for me.

I find your method you taught me of entering meditation or just releasing stress is so easy and when I do it I love it!  Your tape on “Inner Peace & Harmony” is doing wonders for me.  I’m really discovering the importance and fulfilment of my own spirituality in life also.

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