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Story from T.H, NSW

Just a few lines to say thank you for all the information and skills you equipped me with at the CALM Seminar this past weekend - it was fantastic! I feel so excited knowing the difference that using the skills will continue to have in my life.

I just wanted to take a few lines to summarise what I have already gained, simply by using the suggestions and skills you give in Students Steps to Success. Just 10 days before my second year Psychology exams, a friend lent me a copy of this book; it appealed to me greatly as I was fast running out of time to study for these exams. My study required the reading of two 1000 word Psychology text books - it seemed impossible to achieve this and learn the material. I skimmed your book and was immediately drawn to the chapter on ‘speed reading’. However, with such little time left till exams and my scepticism about whether I could actually learn speed reading in time for my rapidly approaching exams, I wasn’t sure it was worth the risk of trying your methods. Well, all I can say is that it was the most profitable risk I have ever taken. I spent no more than one hour actually practising the techniques before I ‘tested’ myself by reading a Psychology Journal article. It took me less than a minute to read the article. However, still sceptical of whether I had actually taken in what I had read, I decided to write out all the points I remembered, and to my delight and surprise I had missed only one important point!

The following night my husband gave me a four page article about a caving trip he was planning to take. After reading the article in less than 90 seconds, I handed it back to him. He thought I hadn’t bothered to read it and must not be interested. Can you imagine his surprise when I proceeded to tell him every detail in the article!

Well, by now I was convinced that the techniques in your book work, and work well. In just three days I completed reading and studying the required text books. I practised going to my Peaceful Place and while I was there decided to imagine myself in the exam. I visualised myself sitting in the exam room feeling peaceful and confident and knowing the answers. Well it worked!!!! I actually enjoyed the exams and felt totally confident throughout the exams (with a little help from the odd visit to my PP). However, when I met with my friends following the exams I was a bit shocked to find that most of them had found the exams difficult and very stressful. My confidence started to take a dip. Five long weeks later I finally received my exam results, and to my delight I achieved Distinctions for both exams. While I had put in a really hard three days studying, I had previously taken at least three weeks to cover the same amount of material - I was totally delighted!!!

Again, thank you so much for passing on all the information you did at the seminar. I just can’t wait to see the results as I continue to practise what I have learned.

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