Students Success Stories

The following two success stories are from young Sisters:

This is my story of my great success which I achieved with the help of your book and courses.  At the start of Year 6 I continuously received test results ranging from 70-80% in both Maths and English.  It was than that I started to read your book "Students Steps to Success" and I set my goal for myself - to get over 80%.  Daddy promised me that every mark over 80% was worth a dollar.  Then in the next test that I sat for I went to my Peaceful Place  and completed the test calmly, more relaxed than ever before.  When I received my results I was so pleased that I had got the top marks in my class and received $9 and a special dinner dedicated to my success.  I am now in my final term of Year 6 and have received the result of 100% in my Maths test and 92% in my English My PP and Emotional Anchor have helped me a lot.  My goal is now set to be a zoologist and with all my positive reinforcements I believe that I will achieve it.  Thank you for all your help and great ideas that you have shared with me.  M.B.   Sydney.

I would like to share my recent success story with everyone.  Two years ago I was average at Maths and English.  I always struggled with both.  I had a concrete goal to improve my ability and my grades in all my subjects.  I began thinking of my Peaceful Place, to remain calm in exams and while studying.  I reinforced my Emotional Anchor and used personal, positive and present thinking.  Immediately I saw an astounding result.  When my yearly exams came I reached the top advanced class.  This year I am in year 9, I am studying Advanced Maths, and Advanced English.  In a recent English test I scored a whopping 91% (before I would be lucky to receive 60-70%.  I did a maths test set by the University of NSW and I came in the top 13% of Australia.  I was the only person in my school who got a "Distinction".  The moral of my story is: "If you think you can't, you won't.  If you believe you can, you always will."  Thank you Sandy for your wonderful techniques that have kept me motivated and reaching for the stars.  I hope this encourages other children, because nothing is impossible!  Never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams.  J.B.  Sydney

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