Weight - Releasing

Story from W.J, SA

As it is now three months since I did my workshop with you, I thought I would write and tell you how my life has changed. For at least thirty years I have tried to control my weight by all sorts of programmes, diets and pills. When I came to take part in the CALM Life Skills Seminar it was with this focus that I intended to set my goals. With your help I set my goal on that first day to release, yes release not lose, 11 kg in twelve weeks. I have achieved that goal, in fact I released 13 kgs. I go to my PP about 20 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on what is happening for me, and I repeat my goals every time. It only takes me about one minute. My subconscious mind is working with me rather than ‘sabotaging’ me all the time. I also have a new found sense of confidence in my ability to cope with any situation that may arise, and of course the great feeling of achievement that comes with doing something you have dreamed of. Thanks again Sandy for the experience of learning to ‘switch on to my inner strength’, I will be able to use it for the rest of my life.

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