Unconditional Love

Story from A.M. Tas.

I can not believe how far I've come and yet I know there's much more.  So much has happened but the most significant thing is this.  You may or may not remember that I recently wrote (or emailed) asking WHY "Love" as well as "Acceptance" and "Forgiveness".  I understood acceptance and forgiveness but could not come to terms with "loving" the offender/perpetrator.  I simply was unable to get past the personality to the Divine in them.  I listened to the "Unconditional Love" CD every day and thought about this for some time.  Then one day, during meditation, the answer came ... "Love restores the soul" !  I should have known because how many times in the Christian tradition have we heard the 23rd Psalm, ie. "... He restores my soul" !  Also what about "... love your enemies" ?  More food for thought, or rather meditation.  So at the moment that's where I'm at and I expect it could take some time, as well as some specific action (goals), before it's worked through.  But that's OK.  Can't say how much I'm looking forward to coming to CHI. 

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