Story from  R.J.  NSW

    As an artist, I find seminars very good for creativity and peace of mind. I also like the company of other people, especially knowing that I’m not alone, and I enjoy working with Sandy.
     Although I was in a lot of pain during the CHI Seminar, it helped me to make the big decision to have a major operation very soon after I got home. I went through the operation with very little pain which is marvellous!
     Since then, I’ve completed ten paintings, even though all I can do is push myself out to the studio in my wheelchair - my creativity has really improved, and my paintings are different - there is more of a soul-like quality in them. I really feel I’ve made a step forward and I’m no longer frustrated like I was - in spite of the wheelchair I’ve made big leaps!
     It’s truly wonderful to have this powerful inspiration for my work, and I give myself a big pat on the back! 

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