Relationships - challenging

Story from B.B.  NSW
My daughter and I went to visit my folks in the country for Christmas, and that is what has prompted me to write. 
    The relationship with my parents is not an easy one.  We are very different.  There is a cultural difference, and our spiritual beliefs are different.  My mother is a very anxious person, who can be a bit like some sort of a wind up gadget that takes forever to unwind and stop.  This often happens as a result of the build up of us coming to visit, as it did this Christmas. 
    Mum's unwinding involves non-stop chatter, that can cover an incredible amount of subject matter, in a short space of time, to be followed by many more rounds.  Over the last few years my father has lost some of his hearing and my mother now speaks louder, and with a "do you understand me" quality.  One morning as I listened to one of my mother's unwinding rounds,  I felt my head booming, with that same feeling you get when your teenager's music booms with too much bass. 
    As I thought I'd like to turn down the sound this booming effect was felt in my chest, and it shocked me to think that this could be the beginning of an anxiety attack, something I had never experienced before.  For a split second I felt fear...and then -  I went to my 'Peaceful Place,'  and you know what ( and you probably do know) I was back to normal within seconds! 
    It was amazing!!!!  I have used my peaceful place many a time to stop verbal reactions for instance, as well as for meditation etc. but I've never had to use it, and never expected to use it for such a physical thing. Truly amazing.

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