Life Changing Decision Making

Story from M.S. NZ

    Over 16 years ago I was in a highly paid, outwardly very successful career.  I was working 70 plus hours a week at times and was stressed out and actually earning an hourly rate less than my secretary.  I had been in a dead end relationship with a man I loved to bits for several years.  I hated my job as the people I worked with were corrupt and dangerous.  Despite the outward trappings of success I see this time as a very low part of my life.  I knew I was looking for some answers and the courage to walk away from it.  My father was also diagnosed as terminally – but slowly – ill and I was living in Wellington and wanted to get back to Christchurch.
    I walked into Lambton Quay Whitcoulls store and was just looking for something to take my mind off everything.  I went into a part of the store I am not sure I ever went to before.  There was this book with a blue head on it by Sandy MacGregor.  Cannot remember why I was drawn to it but just bought it.  Later that day I read the local newspaper where I lived and saw that this man was coming to Wellington – YIPPPEEE – saved me reading the book…….for now……SO I paid for my ticket and bought one for my secretary – who was struggling with personal issues at the time. 
    We arrived and found this man, pretty smiley but sort of gruff at the same time.  Put this down to the military training he spoke of. 
    I listened with a semi open mind but the BIG thing was doing visualisation and building a Peaceful Place in my mind.  When I did this it was in colour, and I could hear it and smell it……it was real and I used it through the period I needed.
    I left my job, realising peace meant more to me than just having solitude.  My soul battling with where I was working did me no good.
    I moved to Christchurch and helped nurse my dad until he died over a year later.  I was with him when he died and money cannot give me that time so, having realised what was more important, I was where I was needed.
    Met my future husband and although the marriage has not lasted – have two amazing children I have now raised on my own for almost 7 years. 
    My mother died 20 months ago after 7 years with cancer and secondary cancer.  Again I gave up work for over  a year to be with her every single day.  During this time I remembered the book, the course and the programme I had used.  I even FOUND some cassettes – oops now on CD!  But I found a copy of the book – having given mine to a friend to borrow and it not coming back.  I used it during Mum dying.  She was my best friend and everything to me – so it was tough.  It got me through, “porpoising” when I could  - in and out of my peaceful place.  I know where I built it – and have promised myself a trip to the beach at the end of the South Island…. Have not made it yet for financial reasons but that is working out as am now back to working and juggling the kids and trying to have a life again…….
    Big tip - do not porpoise when at the lights……people toot and it ruins it!  Driving is not a good time either.
    I am sure more has developed in your seminars Sandy – but it has helped me through some pretty horrendous times, decisions and life events.
    Nothing compares to what you went through but sadly also had a cousin's girl murdered over in Australia – front door when she got home, a man she had been seen laying in wait and stabbed her to death……..  Again I thought of you and remembered the training I had received…
    Unlike any other form of stress relief it comes up when I need it………  I am committed to using it more and also trying to think of ways to teach my children who are 10 and 8.
    Thanks again and it has been successful for me – think otherwise I would be slightly crazy!!!!!!!!!!or medicated….

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