Life Changing - Weight Release

Story from J.R. Vic.

    As you know I attended your live-in CHI seminar. I am just as dedicated to my goals now as I was on the last day of the seminar. I'm still meditating every day using your Peaceful Place collection and have during that time, used the weight release meditation and have lost 6 kgs.  I also have used the meditations to change my habit of nail biting, and have now very long and strong nails which I'm very proud of. I have the ability now to get to my peaceful place and de-stress quickly, sometimes even meditating by just reciting your words in my head …no electricity or ipod required.
    The skills you have shared with me have been absolutely life changing and I'm a calmer more confident person, striving toward my goals and setting more as I achieve, and also sharing what I have learnt with gusto and passion.
    Thank you Sandy.

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