Negative talk - changing to positive

Story from  L.E. NSW

Thank you for last night's seminar, I found it interesting to revisit a number of areas, affirming to remind myself how much I have progressed with active meditation from those first halting steps years ago (and far less halting steps 12 months ago at the CHI Seminar), to celebrate the immense downturn in negative self talk, active meditation has brought me to complement the virtual disappearance of negative talk from outside of myself, these two reductions resulting in quite a different and delectable life for me, and to revisit everything as if I were hearing it through my friend's ears. My friend was also at last night's seminar and, of course, has her unique journey although she shares with me having an abusive father (of the discipline minus overt love kind) and an abusive partner (of the just plain needs to be chained to a wall type). So to hear you, Sandy, talking about all of the issues that abuse and grief brings up in such a short session, and in this way to condense what I have been chewing over with my friend in the past 12 months as she makes her journey of healing at her own pace, was really useful to me. I expect it will have been for my friend also, but I've not had my daily missive from her as yet (her turn in the mornings, I get to write to her in the afternoons, bless the email!).

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