Memory, Healing and Anger

Story from S.M. NSW 

      I gained so much from your Meditation Seminar and put the theories to the test after our very first coffee break with amazing results.  I was chatting with a lady  and when we returned to our seats I tried to remember her name  - total amnesia!   So, even prior to you telling us that our memory lies in the subconscious mind, I went to my Peaceful Place to see if that might help - I thought of a lot of names  -  no, it had gone.  Then suddenly her name just popped into my head.  I couldn't believe it.  As you say, it's not until you prove it to yourself that you are hooked!   
      I also found it hard to believe that one could find answers to problems in the Alpha state - until proving it with the soothing sound of your voice and music on the Meditation CDs.  I have lived with a chronic illness my entire life, which I inherited, and was on the brink of giving up the battle and "letting nature take its course" when I heard your interview on Radio and about the remarkable work you were doing to help other people.
      My main reason for wanting to attend your Seminar was that I had hoped my son would accompany me.   He has deep-seated anger, road-rage etc. and without taking up any more of your precious time suffice to say he has "attended" your 2 Day Life Skills Seminar on the DVDs with remarkable results -  I also loaned him your book "Switch on to your Inner Strength"  (I have read many books through the years on this theme but none with so much clarity and ease of understanding as yours) he listens to your Guided Imagery CD and rang me to tell me he is now sleeping better than he has in 3 years 
      My sincere thanks and best wishes. 

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