Story from J.L.  NZ

   I attended your seminar 6 months ago in NZ and basically my life has changed more in the last 6 months than the last 6 years with respect to mental thoughts. I suffer from PTSD and double depression (ongoing dysthymia with natural bad experiences in life) I am a very troubled person in my head a lot of the time, but this has improved significantly recently.
   Several factors that I've put it down to: started on Prozac 2 months ago and having a good result, meditation and my religion.
   Going to church once a week has proven great in my healing and being able to gain trust in humans again, as I was terribly bullied as a child, by other kids at my school and hence have PTSD. The PTSD had reduced significantly due to openly talking about my thoughts! I've been in therapy now for 6months and fully recommend it!
   Your seminar changed my life in that it helped me in my healing. I still have a lot of the ugly stuff to deal with, like nightmares, Umm actually I'm quite horrified at how long I had been in depression for, there is a lot of processing still to be done. Thank you very much.

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