Story from C.D.  NSW

   I tried out the creativity CD yesterday. First time I asked to write a song, worked fine, done by the time the CD had finished. Then before I went to bed I thought I'll give this another try but this time I specifically asked for the greatest wedding love song ever written. Once again it all came out by the end of the CD! It just flowed so easily.....
   I was present to thoughts and feelings at the beginning of the CD that it was all too hard and wouldn’t work and realised this is one of my blockages etc in life. It felt so great when the words all came out so easily just by asking.
   My Life's Purpose chart is up in my bedroom on the built-in's sliding mirror doors. The recent wedding I MC'd at was great, I used the techniques throughout the evening and found I was at ease and experimented more with my performance.
   And when I have negative thoughts or anxious feelings in my stomach I now know it is my subconscious up to its old tricks once again. At least now there is a way to not have it control me.
   I will send you the lyrics I wrote some time soon. Talk soon.

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